Monday, March 28, 2011


I'm speechless! I can't believe it's been 5 years.

Happy Birthday, Easton!
Happy Birthday, Dalton!
Happy Birthday, Quinton!

Friday is their "friend" birthday party and they are so excited! I bet you can just GUESS what the theme is!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Just in thought...

Hi friends! I'm sorry I have not posted updates recently. I was doing better about posting, and even got into doing a weekly Wednesday fun picture post. Then the seasons changed.

Not the actual seasons outside (even though we did just have an 81 and sunny gorgeous day today!). I feel like I am pondering a lot lately. My mind is thinking. When I get that way, I revert back to my normal introvert tendencies.


Yes, I consider myself to naturally like to be behind the scenes. Watching everything else going on, not out front. I don't love being out front, in the spotlight, or the center of attention. I don't like to the be the first one to step up and talk, or immediately go up to others and talk. It takes a while for me to warm up to others or for people to get to know me.

My new friends have told me that is not how I am. Hmmm, that is how I still see myself! Life has happened and I had to learn how to step outside of myself and become more friendly.

In the past few weeks my natural tendency has come out, which means I have a lot going on in my head but not much to talk or blog about.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not depressed or mad. However, when I feel this way I tend to not have words. I don't have words to express myself to others, Dan or even myself. It's just all in my head. I know, it's strange.

The reason why I wanted to do a quick blog post was to say we are doing well! Even though there has been a lack of posting, updates and pictures - we are doing great! Here is a quick run down of a few things....

  • The weather has turned SUNNY and WARM! Today was 81 and we spent a lot of time outside. While I'm excited, we are trying to get all our outside playing in before the weather gets too hot and into the 90's and 100 degree days that do eventually come our way.
  • The boys wanted to try their bikes without training wheels. 5 minutes later they wanted them back on.
  • The boys spring break was last week and we hung out around the house and the park for a relaxing time!
  • Our current house project is a small retaining wall with mulch for the boys play area
  • Dan's spring break is this week and he has been moving around mulch for HOURS for the backyard!
  • We have been cheering on our Union Lady Bulldogs for the NAIA basketball title... they are playing in the finals tomorrow!
  • Our little town had a new park built the end of last summer. We have enjoyed having lots of friends come out to our VERY clean park! It's not the biggest or most elaborate in the area, but works well for those that have to keep a close eye on their little ones so they don't run out into the road or get hurt.
  • Quinton at a young age stopped using a passy and started sucking two of his fingers. All-the-time (not just at night). Of course I know from experience of being a thumb sucker that this is a hard habit to break AND will be costly in orthodontics down the road. While I think he still will need that work, HE STOPPED SUCKING HIS FINGERS! After a suggestion from his dentist, we purchased this niftily little bottle and IT WORKED!!! If you want more details about how we did it, just comment or message me and I'll let you know.
  • I registered the boys for *gulp* KINDERGARTEN the other day. I had to fill out 7 forms EACH. I can't believe they are going to be 5 in a week AND ready for Kindergarten!
  • I redeemed my Valentine's gift from Dan last week. A massage, facial and pedicure. SOOO WONDERFUL! I'm thinking that if anyone ever doesn't know what to get me, THAT is a wonderful gift!
  • Every day that I re-remember (is that a word?) that my wonderful cousin is pregnant with their third baby, it makes my heart sooo full of joy! Now to figure out a way to get an airline to fly direct from Jackson, TN to Merritt Island, FL for cheap....
  • I am thankful for friend that the Lord has placed in my life right now. It's hard being new(er) to an area and not having any connections or family here to begin with. I'm not the newest kid on the block anymore, but I still feel new"ish". I am thankful for the other moms here!
  • Dalton knows how much I love to hug and kiss my boys. He came up with a term "hug bank" and "kiss bank". Now he frequently comes up and says he needs me to fill his banks up :)
  • We started a new Bible study. While I have enjoyed the ladies and our study quite a bit, there is always a sweet spot in my heart that misses my Bible study from back in AR. It was a much needed time for me in my life there and I have special memories of it and the ladies there!
  • Easton didn't want to go to lunch and the playground after MOPs today with friends. When asked why, he said he wanted to go home and help Daddy with the mulch so he didn't have to work as hard :)
  • I am collecting all my friend's expired coupons to send to a friend overseas in the military. They can use coupons up to 6 months expired!
  • MY graduation gift was ordered and delivered. Yes, MINE. For the years Dan was working on his PhD we both had our "wish list" item we wanted when he graduated. He got the PhD but I stood by and supported him. So we felt I deserved one too :) He officially graduated last May and got his gift in Setember - a flat screen TV. Mine arrived a couple weeks ago - our FIRST King size bed!

Well, that is all I can think of right now. So there is a lot going on, just not getting written about right now... sorry about that!

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