Friday, April 30, 2010

House Update

We have been excitedly watching progress on our house! It is nice moving to an area that is really growing, we have lots of choices of builders, plans, property, etc. Here are some pictures from the last few weeks. (you can click on them to see it bigger)

Here is our "house" on 4.8

Dalton & Easton took a drive with me one Sunday.
We found they had cleared the land!

Daddy & the boys surveying what our view
will be from the front of the house

Mr. Kevin our builder. SUPER nice, and the boys LOVE him!
I mean, to them he has the coolest job!

One day we took the long way home from Walmart to pass the "house". We were behind a cement mixer and Easton said "Maybe it's for our house, Mommy!" lo and behold he was right! It entranced them for 45 minutes as we watched from the car. (picture courtesy of my iPhone)
Cement Mixer

Footings Poured (picture courtesy of my iPhone)
Footings Poured

Yesterday we went out to see the cinder blocks all set onto the footings! This will probably be the only work done in the next week or two. We are under Tornado watches and flash flooding starting this evening until Tuesday. Nice.

Easton was trying to help make the wall bigger :) The next steps is the plumbing, then the cement slab. Yes, slab. In Michigan we grew up with basements. Missouri was crawl spaces or walk out basements. In AR and here in TN it's cement slabs (something about the water level and flooding in this area??!)

I caught them in one of their "projects"

And this was their finished project! I had to explain it might not be there next time we visit :)


Here is a random fact about me. I can be easily sidetracked. The other day I was looking up an item on Amazon that we needed. I don't always buy from Amazon, but I like to read reviews. I will buy from there if I can because I can get 2 day free shipping on most items since I have a Prime family, and I don't have to pay sales tax!

Anyways... that is NOT what I was going to share. (I mentioned I'm easily distracted, right??)

I noticed a little button on there to "Add to Wish List". So I made one HERE! It has been funny over the weeks to see what catches my eye to add to my list. I don't know what my Wish List is for, or if it will ever be used. My thought is when I earn a little "mad money" and then forget what I was wanting, I can look at my list :)

The best part? You can prioritize the items from Highest to Lowest! Things that are fun, or you would LOVE to have!

The hardest part??? Not putting something on the list that is for my family! Just something for ME. It's harder than you think!

So HERE is my Amazon Wish List. What is on your "Wish List" (Amazon or not)???

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Own Button!!!

It has been fun helping my cousin on the design side of her blog. I'm finding tutorials all over to help me with back end coding.

The other day I helped Jessica create some buttons for her blog. Then I decided I wanted to make some for myself!!!

FIRST - I added an email subscriptions to my blog! It is on the right side under the blue FOLLOW ME. You can always click "follow" on my blog if you want my blog to show up in your dashboard. However, if you don't have a blogger account OR want it emailed direct to you when I post - add your email to the subscriptions!!!! **special note** it will send you a verification confirmation to your email. Make sure and click on it to complete the registration. If you don't see it right away, check your spam for the email from "Feed Burner".

Back to my buttons....
Feel free to grab the code and add it to your blog. It will allow others to click on the button and come straight to my blog! How cool is that?!?!

This one is for my main blog...


this one for my design blog (which I REALLY need to update)...


and this one is for my reading blog...


Need more specifics?

Well, if you have a Blogger/Blogspot blog, just go to yourDashboard, then Layout, then Page Elements and click on Add a Gadget.

A Typical Day....

Thanks again for the questions from my post Who Goes There? I have enjoyed reading the questions, and hopefully my answers will suffice. Feel free to ask more questions about ANYTHING either on this post, or my Who Goes There? post. I will *try* to answer them all.

The next one I am going to address is from Lori. My friend from Jr High, High School, College, and LIFE! She is a mom, youth pastor, aunt, sister, support to her all her friends and family. She is one of those people that you want praying for you! Her little boy is just a couple months older than my boys. She also has an adorable little girl, and another little one on the way!

Here are Lori's questions:
"1. what was one thing about motherhood you were VERY mistaken about before you had your boys?
2. when will you be in MI next?
3. what does a typical day look like for you and how in the world do you get it all done???"

Easiest questions first (yes, I know I am answering out of order).
2. We will be in Michigan in early August! The exact dates are not figured out yet. We need to get the kids together and hang out! Maybe we can do a park and invite anyone that would want to come! I'll let you know when we nail down the exact dates.

1. My thoughts of having a baby was going to be ON THE GO. I would have a baby, and go-go-go! Go shopping, find deals to sell on ebay, visit friends, parks, travel and visit family. Have baby-will travel. Then I had three. Now, I don't know if it's more of a reality because of having three, or if it really is this way with just one. I could NOT just go. Going anywhere caused hours of planning and prep work. Sometimes it was easier to just stay home than go anywhere. However, I learned I NEEDED that time to get out. When the boys were infants, I had a friend that I would escape to her house. She let me take over with all my stuff. She parented her own kids, and I parented mine. But just being in a different environment with another ADULT to talk to was what I needed!

3. Typical day?? hahaha! Oh, they change all the time depending on what is going on, my mood, the boys mood, etc. Recently I decided to take the boys out of their preschool class, so they are with me 24/7 now. I always knew that they were in a great 2 day a week (3 hrs a day) program in AR, but I never knew how GREAT it was until I don't have it anymore.

Maybe pictures will show it better? I took phone pictures during a few of the past few days while thinking about how to answer Lori's questions.

Here is a GREAT and productive day we had last week....

Quinton's horrible allergy eyes work me up at 7. I was EXCITED! Mind you, my boys normally get up between 6-6:30 am. Immediately off to give him his eye drops. Poor kid inherited my allergies :(

This also made me so excited! I was dressed right away!

Happy and dressed kids at the breakfast table. My Easton buddy.

We got the living room, kitchen and play room all straightened up that morning!

AHHH, nap time. Time to check my email and some favorite blogs....

My pile of 1/2 accomplished laundry from after naptime was over. I HATE HATE HATE folding laundry. I love to clean it all, but HATE to fold it.

Running out to the store with the boys. Dalton showing off his pick for new bedding (we have been looking for 6 months for the right bedding at the right price. I did not end up with this set, I ordered a set this week from JCPenney online, but through the store. I found out if you go to the store and they don't have it, they can order it for you free shipping site to store!)

THAT was a GREAT DAY!!! I felt good, accomplished, refreshed!!!

Now, I try to keep my blog uplifting. I don't want to complain. But I also want to be REAL.

THIS is what the next day yielded....

When I asked the boys to clean up, and thought it was done.... I found this stacked at the bottom of the stairs while they were napping. GRRRRR.

This was my sink the next day. Funny thing happens when you get the entire kitchen cleaned and dishes washed, what happens when you don't get the dishes put away right away. There happens to be NO place for the dirty ones. HOW do we accumulate SO MANY dishes SO FAST???

Lori, I hope that answers your question!!! Let me know if you have any more :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sleeping Multiples - isn't that an Oxymoron???

I'm going to try a little something new. A few blog posts back I asked WHO GOES THERE? to find out who is reading my blog, and if they have any questions they want me to answer. Thanks to all who responded!!! I have lots of stuff I am working on compiling, so I can *try* and answer them all :) You can review that post, or comment on this post if you have any questions you'd like me to attempt to answer.

The first question I am going to choose to answer was not the first person to ask. However, my heart goes out to a new mom of multiples, Keri. I have been friends with her sister, Lori, for years! Jr. High, High School, College, and she stood up in my wedding! Boy, are we getting old! ha! Keri has a beautiful little girl and newborn twin boys. I've love reading her blog.

Her question:
"I wanna know what your first few months were like with triplets and did you get any sleep?!!"

My head hurt when I saw this question. It hurt from remembering back to those days. I love my boys dearly, but I think I was a walking robot at times. I think all new parents feel that way!

To answer that question, I have to give a little background. We were blessed that our boys made it to 33 1/2 weeks gestation. They were considered preemies. In the NICU they said they were "feeders and growers". Basically, they had to learn to eat. They all came home after 25 days in the NICU, our biggest was just barely tipping the scale at 5 pounds, and they were eating just under 1 ounce of milk at a feeding. These feedings consisted of manipulating their mouths to properly take the bottles, and constantly stimulating them to stay awake. After 30 minutes if they did not finish their bottles, we had to stop trying because they were burning more calories than they were ingesting. Preemies like to sleep. A lot. Goodness, they are not supposed to be out of their Mommy's belly yet! Because they were preemies, we had to add calories to my milk supply we gave them, and had to WAKE THEM UP every 3 hrs to feed.

With THAT explanation out of the way.... at just shy of 3 months we were given the go ahead from their pediatrician to stop waking them up at night. We rejoiced! We had gotten to a point where we hardly were sleeping at nights because of how long feedings took. Then we went to switching shifts rather than sharing them all and trying to sleep in between. Dan would get home from work and we'd do one feeding together. Then I would go to bed for two full feedings. Then I would get up while Dan slept for the other two feedings. Then in the morning before work we'd share a feeding again. I remember the first time we chose to try it, those 5 hrs of sleep were awesome! However, that got old fast. So you can see why we were excited to try and get them to sleep through the night.

Now, this is MY OPINION that I am going to give here on MY BLOG. I know all people don't agree with the "cry it out" method for getting their kids to sleep. That is fine if you feel differently. I am just speaking about what worked for my family. Most importantly - MY SANITY! My cousin suggested a book called Babywise. I think it's a great book for new parents to read! Just like anything, you take from it what you want.

Once our kids were given the "ok" from the dr, we did it. We let them cry. I set a timer for 5 minutes. Walked out, went into my room, turned on fans, noise makers, and the TV to drown out the crying. After 5 minutes, went in there and gave them their pacis, spoke gently to them, and rubbed their backs. No picking them up. Walked out. Set the timer for 8 minutes. Went back into my room and I CRIED AND CRIED AND CRIED. I was a first time mom, and I have my three babies in the next room crying because all they want is me. I felt guilty that I was doing this to them because I wanted sleep. Dan helped me stay strong. Repeated at 10 min, 15, 20, 25, then it was 35 by the time the last one put himself back to sleep!

Based on what others told me, this takes 2-3 nights for it to work. Each night gets a little shorter for how long it will take them to go to sleep. Start with a night time routine, and try and tire them out during the day so it will be faster for them to succumb to sleep. I rationalized in my head if it was 2-3 nights for one child, it would be 6-9 nights for three. It was about 4 nights.

It worked. Our three 3 1/2 month old infants were sleeping 7 hours at night. Sleep is a MUST for any babies! That is when they grow, and their bodies NEED it! So helping them learn was important to us. My sanity of getting my husband back at night for us to SLEEP in the same room was a must.

Now, there are age growth disturbances that will mess up their great sleeping patterns. Those exact ages I can't recall, but it's discussed in the book. Also, sickness and travel will mess up the sleep patterns and they have to be reintroduced back after that.

I will tell you that I am a firm believe that this method was exactly what my family needed. And it worked for us! My cousin has two kids a product of it, a friend has four, and another one. Those are just instances off the top of my head.

Keri, God bless you for all you are going through right now!!! Being 4 years past that stage, I can tell you that those issues then are no longer issues now. The parenting changes, and the approaches change. However, dealing with those things are no longer issues right now.

I hope that helped! If not, or if you want more details, let me know :)

June 2006

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flew in from Michigan, and boy are their arms tired!

Grammy & Papa came in for the boys birthday. Yes, I had to say their arms are tired - it is a corny joke from the "Taylor side" (my mom's side). They have the corniest jokes and they are so bad sometimes they are even more funny.

Grammy & Papa were able to stay a little over a week and it was great! We stayed so busy, that I barely got my camera out for pictures. I'm so sad! I'll be posting more about our Casey Jones Train Museum visit, but here are some fun pictures we took with Grammy & Papa!


Kisses for Grammy & Papa!

We love them and are so blessed to have them visit!

Now, where is this train going to take us??

Grandpa & Grandma Slater come to visit!

I am slowly catching my blog up from the other week and the boys birthday party.

We were blessed to have the boys' Grandpa & Grandma Slater come visit from Missouri. Along with them came Christian & Maria. Newly permitted Maria even drove part of the way until her dad's nerves got the best of him :)

We enjoyed their overnight visit. Dan & Christian stayed up late into the evening figuring out all the new Wii Sports Resort games. I believe Archery was a favorite. It's fun that video games can gap the brothers' 18 year age gap. Maria had fun in the playroom with my old stash of VHS tapes and the Little Mermaid. We missed the rest of the family that had to work back in Branson - Joshua & Caleb. And April is too far for an overnight trip as she lives in Cali.

It was fun, the boys had a blast. They keep asking when the next time they will have a big sleepover again :)

Dalton, Grandma, Christian, Maria,
Quinton (did NOT want a photo taken), Grandpa & Easton

Can't go without the silly pictures!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Boys Fourth Birthday Party

I'm finally uploading the boy's birthday party pictures. In case you missed it, HERE is where I did a little photo shoot of the boys in downtown Medina the other week.

We had a fun birthday party! Grammy & Papa were able to come from Michigan, and Grandpa, Grandma, Maria & Christian drove from Missouri. Even Miss Nancee from church was able to come! (I regrettably did not get a photo of the boys with her). Most of their favorite people were under one roof, and they were excited! (They did ask about some of their AR and MO friends throughout the day, however.)

They asked for 3 round birthday cakes that went along with the Disney Cars theme. Thank goodness a friend told me about a lady on ebay that I purchased the edible toppers from. They could each have their own cake, that had a unique look to them!

The boys have always believed that party hats and party blowers are a "must have" at any party. After checking all party stores, apparently there is either a run on Disney Cars party hats, or they have not made them. Thanks to a suggestion from a friend, I got some crowns from a fast food place, painted and stickered them.IMG_5313

Their present from Grammy & Papa. They were not sure what the box was, but they sure understand and love playing it now!


Quinton showing off his present from Grandpa & Grandma


Playing with their Notblox


Squirt Guns from Josh & Cameo (which of course Grandpa snuck off with Easton to secretly try out in the bathtub - Easton can't keep secrets!!!)


My parents, Grammy & Papa watching the action. Aren't they great to fly all they way from Michigan for the boys party???


Seriously, this is not a set up picture. This is Quinton after opening his presents from my cousin Jessica. He said "I love it, I love, it" and gave it hugs and kisses. It's a Dora Wii game. He loves Dora :)


All gifts came to a stand still when they opened them from my brother Gary & Tammy. They had to take a ColorWonder break!


Now, time for their birthday scavenger hunt from Mommy & Daddy! I took pictures of all different places that are at the boys viewing level. I put them on a sheet of paper with their initial on it. That way each location had three clues for each of the boys to open. It brought them as a group from place to place around the house. All leading up to.....


Then it was cake time!


Easton and his Dinaco cake


Dalton and his cake Lightening McQueen cake


Quinton and his Mater cake


Then it was time for some SERIOUS Wii time with Daddy, Grandpa & Uncle Christian...

It certainly was a great birthday!

Our family of five, with our three- four year old boys :)

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