Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow Day... Again!

My kids are bored with the snow. It's too cold to go out and play in it (it was 3 degrees this morning!). We have built snowmen, school has been canceled all week, we have stayed inside quite a bit.

You would think we got the 22 inches like my friends back in Siloam where we used to live (which is not normal there either)!

Nope, our city just doesn't have salt and plow trucks to clear the roads. We are not supposed to get snow like this here :) Since they don't get the roads clear, they close all the schools. Needless to say, we have found lots of fun things to do in pajamas at home!

When I tell them "look outside guys, it's snowing!" they now just glance at it. Our first snow fall of the year caused jumping up and down and a stampede for the window. I'm glad we don't live further north right now, we have enough and don't need anymore right now :)

We have also been on a movie marathon.... of STAR WARS! Yes, my boys LOVE Star Wars!

We have been doing lots of crafts and playdoh....

...and Dan and I went with friends to our first NBA game on Monday! Memphis Grizzlies vs the Lakers. We were even on the JumboTron, but I missed the picture.

It's been an unusual week, a long week, a stay at home week, but a FUN week!

AND it's supposed to be 60 degrees on Sunday!!!!

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