Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Star Wars Party Preparation

A few months ago the boys decided they wanted to do a Star Wars Birthday Party! They have been so excited for it to arrive! I started keeping my eye out for some deals.

Birthday Invitations = Free with code from Shutterfly
I edited it in PSE and downloaded the free Star Wars fonts

Party Favors!
$1 pool noodle from Dollar Tree (cut into two)
$6 black and chrome duct tape
Marked, cut in half, cover the cut end with duct tape and let your creativity lead you for the handles!
(yes folks, that is my friend Beth the self proclaimed "least craftiest person" helping out)
We ordered this fun Darth Vader Pinata.
Since last year the boys have begged for one, so this year I gave in!
Water and Capri Sun labels I made in PSE in lime green and blue to match the cake
Thanks to Grammy for putting all the labels on!
normally $9.97 on Amazon plus $10 off code from Parenting Magazine

Happy Birthday sign and coordinating reusable vinyl table cloth from Old Navy

my "planets" for the kids to hit around with their Lightsabers
$1 each beach ball, $.96 each spray paint
{worked well, but when it was warmer outside the outsides became tacky to the touch}
the completed Lightsabers! Each kid got 2 each.
They turned out super cute and are VERY sturdy!

Stay tuned for pictures from the party!!!


Shawna said...

That is SOOO awesome! I love the drink idea. Never thought to do that. The light sabors turned out VERY cute! :) Might have to do that for my boys..just for them to play with! :) They love stuff like that. Can't wait to see pics from the party. :) you are so creative! :) My idea of my kids bday party is going to chuck e cheeses with just our family. order a cake from the grocery store that the the bday child picks out. Voila! simple bday party. I need to do more...i know. :) My boys would LOVE a star wars one. i might have to steal your ideas some day! :)

Soaring High said...

Found your blog on Wendy's blog. I think we were in MM together in AR. so long ago.
I love your Star Wars ideas! Both my boys want to do a Star Wars Party this year and their birthday's are 2 days apart, but they are 2 years apart.
I'm going to make those Light Sabers! They'll love them.

Nina Bunk said...

um just awesome!!! i mean amazing!!!!! you are amazing! great job!

denise said...

@Soaring High - you totally can do it! Everyone has said how much they love them at home playing with their kids. It's a little time consuming if you work on the details. I found a box cutter (or exacto knife) worked really well for the little details. I would put it tape side down on a cutting board and cut out my detail strips and squares. It peeled right off the cutting board for me to add. I would not use electrical tape as it's not as sticky.

@Nina & @Shawna - thanks guys! I had FUN!

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