Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Festival 2010

This year's Fall Festival at our church, Northside, was a HIT with my kids! There was food, snow cones, blow up slide, carnival games, bb gun shooting gallery, train ride, friends, and did I mention CANDY!?!?! It was all FREE to the community! The only downside is it was H-O-T! It's mid October and still 84 outside.

Here are the boys and Dan on the train
Carnival games are fun!
Yum... FOOD!
Look at all the people!
Fun blow up rides
The carnival games
Isn't the boys friend, Joshua, adorable?!
Dalton making a bracelet
Easton digging for the "right" candy
Quinton asked the girl to paint a Storm Trooper.
After her blank stare he settled on a pumpkin :)
Easton with his blue snake
Does anyone else's kids not like having their faces painted?
Dalton with is red snake
Quinton with his finished pumpkin
In their glory.... the first time shooting a BB gun!
Quinton is ready for his turn
Working on the snow cone
The boys best friend... Miss Nancee! Oh, and her husband too :)
(Our fearless leaders!)

Thanks for all the fun, Northside!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Down on the Farm

What a BLAST the boys had at the farm! The Abshers were gracious enough to host a Union University get together for the department at their farm. We were even invited early so the boys would have a chance to ride the horses. They talked about it for days before hand. They wanted to wear their cowboy hats and boots, Woody t-shirts and bandannas. When it came down to it, Quinton is the only one that stayed decked out in his western clothing for the evening. Grammy & Papa were also in town and were able to enjoy the night with us. Even more shocking is we happened to get a VERY rare family photo - I'm so excited! Top it off with a bonfire, yummy pulled pork, and a hay ride! Thank you, Abshers!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Three-One... REALLY?!

I don't feel old enough to be over 30. Ugh, I hate even saying it! I feel like I'm still in my early 20's and that my knowledge topped off at that time. :) I know that really isn't true, nor would I EVER want to go back. I love that my life, marriage, and friendships have grown deeper as life has happened, BECAUSE life has happened. I still don't know how I got so old all of a sudden.

We had a family day of resting, presents, cake, dinner at Cracker Barrel, home made birthday cards. I LOVED it! I love my family :)

Buuutttt... anyone that knows me will attest that one of my main love languages is gifts. Dan did a great job!

Dan and I were blessed to be able to go to St Louis for the night! Thanks to our friends Beth & Russ who watched the boys. Also a shout out to Hotwire for getting a good rate and finding out after purchase that it was a Hyatt Regency with a 17th floor view of the arch!

What made us head to St Louis, 4 1/2 hours you ask? Six. Words. So You Think You Can Dance. Their live tour was in STL for one night! It was the closest city tour to where we live, AND it was my birthday weekend! They dance like I'd love to dance!

The ONLY downside of the trip.... they did not allow me to bring my DSLR camera into the arena and I was so sad. The last couple pictures are from my phone.

Anyways, here are some of the pictures from my day this year.

The boys excited to give me their wrapped gifts

Easton giving me his home made card
Yummy Lunch at Cracker Barrel
Quinton and the peg game

Dalton loves his shrimp!
Cake time!
My boys insisted I have a pink cake since I'm a girl. They decorated the top in their favorite sprinkles of red, green and blue
Silly Dalton
Dan and I outside before the concert

I'm so excited!
Love him!
Sad I can't bring my camera in - pic from my phone
I'm so excited! Look at our great seats! - pic from my phone
Here are your All Stars! - pic from my phone
our city view!
look at our cool Arch view room!

The Arch on the way out of town

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