Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dan's publication Quoted in Businessweek

On the heals of yesterday's Forbes article.... today Businessweek picked up the topic and also quoted Dan's publication work in the article CEOs with MBAs Greener Than Those Without.

In Dan's line of work, he has done very well with his academic publications. However, when that work is recognized in the popular media, it is even more meaningful. It means that his work has a possibility of making more of an impact outside the academia circle.

Congratulations Honey, I'm proud of you!

Moms of Multiples are Freaks of Nature

I had to share this video, I have watched it a couple times and still laugh. I posted it on my Facebook page and decided to share it here also, so you don't miss it :) I am not a "laugh out loud" person with a lot of funny things. I'll smile and laugh inside! I don't think I have laughed so hard at a video since the indian dance scene in The Proposal. That is a whole other topic....

If you have multiples, friends or family with multiples, or spend any length of time out in public with someone that has multiples, I think you will enjoy this video. It is VERY true!

Some of the questions I get on a normal basis are in some of my past questions posts if you want to check them out.

I hope you enjoy the video like I did!

Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm so Proud of my Husband!

Dan's research is quoted in Forbes!

I just wanted to share how proud I am of my husband! Dan has worked VERY hard over the last 4 years to completed his Phd, find a job, and stay ahead of the game as far as his publishings and keeping up his vita for tenure.

Most all of his publications are in top journals that are read and used for academic purposes. While they are listed in high regard, it is only recognized in the world of acadamia.

Today Dan's work (along with his cohort from UofA, Heather) was quoted in the popular media of Forbes! It's exciting when their work is recognized outside of the academic world.

Here is where you can read the article "Does an MBA make you unethical?"

Honey - I am so proud of you!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Where I've been...

The other day I was thinking about what has made me ME. How I was raised, my family, where I lived. Choices I have made, happy times, terrible times, hurtful times. Church family, friends, work experiences. Childlessness to having my quiver full.

But who knows these things?

Very few people know me and my whole sha-bang of a story. The ones that know these things and what has made me act like who I am.

We moved to Tennessee in January. To the people that have met me here, I am a completely different person in a different situation than I have been in the past. Even from just last year! I'm enjoying the people here, but I was thinking, how can people really know who I am and what has shaped me?

For those that knew me in Arkansas probably saw a pretty frazzled person. The mom with three infants and no family nearby, wife of a Doctoral student. I loved our little town, our church, and my Moms and Tots friends. I also really enjoyed our Bible Study at CCF and miss it tremendously.

For those that knew me in Missouri, they saw a hard worker, pretty naive, and hurting under the veil of childlessness. I thought too much about work, and was not adventurous. I loved my friends and all their kids to death, and worked my behind off for the church we were apart of. I was devastated when decided to move. It had been my home of choice from college until the boys were born. I really didn't know anything else as an adult! The happiest memories and the saddest memories I had (at the time) were all from Missouri.

The people that knew me in Michigan knew a naive little girl. You'd think I was a troubled kid for how scared I was to be in trouble! I worked hard, loved hard, and played hard. I always thought after college we'd move back to Michigan. Boy was I wrong! However far away I live, you can't take The D out of me :)

I find it interesting that people approach me differently as they know me. Here I'm just me and it's like how we live is how we've always lived. When I go back to Missouri I'm remembered for how we were at that time in our lives. I notice it especially when I go back to Michigan and I'm expected to remember things from a long time before, and like all the same things I did when I was a child :) Don't get me started on the nicknames I'm called from growing up....

I realized if I feel this way, surely I'm not alone? Even if others have not thought about it at all, their past has helped shape them into who they are - good and bad! It has shaped your life, your choices, how you view things. I am thankful to the Lord that I can run to Him and He has help me through my rougher edges of who I would be. I am blessed by Him that He has changed me, and continually will be smoothing me out.

It also makes me view others differently.

Anyway.... if you stuck with my ramblings this far - thanks! It just shows how muddled my head can be at times :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Looking Back...

As the Christmas music is playing in the stores, I have found myself quite nostalgic lately. I've been thinking about the boys first Christmas and how it seems like it was a lifetime ago. Their little chunky cheeks, matching blue "brrr" shirts, crying at the awesome Sumerset Santa, their first stroller *ahem, bus*, and one of the few family pictures we actually have. I pulled out the Christmas book I made from their first Christmas and thought I would share!

Click here to view this photo book larger

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who likes FREE Shutterfly??

Ever since my boys were born, I have had difficulty finding invitations, cards, and products that will fit my triplets. Either it’s too cheesy, too expensive, or just not right. Then there are the times that our family picture does not look right and I’d rather use individual pictures of the boys. A few years back I started messing around with my pictures and using different free and paid sites to create what I like. Then I started doing it for family and friends and work on side with ForYouByDee.

I have also used for the past three years Shutterfly Christmas cards. They have flat or folded cards, and both are great! You can create your own file (or have someone do it for you) or you can use their own layouts. For those of you reading that don’t have any clue how to do anything with your photos, it is super easy! Upload your photos, and pic a layout. It’s THAT simple! You can even edit the photos using their tools. Crop, red eye reduction, etc. Save and print! Oops, you thought of more people to send cards to and didn’t order enough? It’s okay, it’s in your saved products!

My favorite design I've used before is the HoHoHo design... it allows three photos on it for each of my boys!!!

Try one 5x7 greeting or flat card FREE with the code CARD4U.
If you are Blogger, you can sign up to get 50 FREE cards from Shutterfly HERE

These are some of my favorite Shutterfly products:
Photobooks (probably a FEW of you on here have gotten one of these from me!)
Calendars (great grandparent gifts!)

It's not too early to be thinking about Christmas gifts!!! Only 46 more shopping days left :)

10 Things I Learned about Camping....

After some friends convinced us, we decided to do our first camping trip as a family. That was in the spring, then all the floods came so we had to cancel. When we packed in August to move, we realized as we moved our new tent, that it was about to be fall and a good time to try camping again! So last month we decided to try it again....

We loaded up and drove to Kentucky. The drive was BEAUTIFUL! We didn't know what to expect. Other than realizing there are a few things we could have used (small broom) and purchased at the camp store an essential item (marshmallows), I think our first trip was great!

Here are the top 10 things I learned about camping:

1. Setting up the tent went well, until we had to move it because it was not in the appropriate spot according to the park ranger. Oops! Here it is in the wrong spot after we put it up.
2. Walking in the woods with sticks is a lot of fun for boys!
3. Little boys can get dirty anywhere
4. All clothing and bedding items smell like camping when you get home. So pack less so there is less laundry at home.
5. Throwing rocks into the Kentucky river provides lots of fun
6. The bigger the stick the better
7. Collecting shells is also fun. Make sure to check pockets before washing said clothes.
8. Mommy can come up with a fun game too, smashing shells on rocks!
9. When the sun starts to go down, shell smashing boys don't feel the temperature change. Thank goodness we did a last minute Walmart purchase of a space heater for the tent. It got down to the 40's at night and was chilly!
10. A sugar high of 6 marshmallows will make Easton run around crazily, lift up random objects to show how strong he is, and talk super fast.

Making family memories fun! Next time we want to bring balls, bikes, and bathing suits (when it's warmer).

Friday, November 5, 2010

I missed it...

I missed it. How could I? Their first time really getting into the whole Fall Frenzy, Trick or Treating, (or whatever you call it).

Call it Mommy guilt. Is it just me or does it consume us?

Let me back up....
My Uncle Tim (my Mom's brother) passed away suddenly a couple weeks ago. A memorial was set up for him where he lived in Florida. I really wanted to go, but there was no way! Dan had classes, all flights were super expensive (and at least 1 layover). That is one of the downsides of living where we do, no easy flights. I grew up close to DTW, so I am used to the ease of flights :)

God worked it out! I drove the boys to Missouri to spend time with gracious friends and family. They shared the boys and the boys had a blast!!! I was able to get a cheap, direct flight from there. The memorial was Saturday, 10/30.

While I was gone, I had the Mommy guilt. I was feeling bad that the boys were missing out on the fall fun back home. They didn't have their parents with them. They carefully picked their own costumes this year and have been so excited to wear them. I forced them not to spend the day with their Dad since I took them out of town. I missed going around with them! They missed other church festivals, our neighborhood, a bonfire, etc. I missed getting pictures of their faces, their candy high, their excitement. Their age is so perfect for all those things!


I know they still got to dress up. They still had fun. They got to visit Grandpa's work (where Easton won best costume!), bouncy house, trunk or treat, and WAY WAY WAY too much candy. I know they had fun!

So, is my guilt because I missed out then??

Here are some pictures I took before I left town

Our Star Wars loving boys

Quinton as Rex the Storm Trooper

Easton as Darth Vader

Dalton the ART Stormtrooper

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