Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DMV, Cars, Pizza, Wobble Goggles, iPhone

Random post for a random day. I wasn't going to blog because I didn't feel like pulling pictures off my camera, uploading them and posting them. I don't know WHY I feel like every blog needs pictures, maybe it makes it more interesting? Then I remembered that throughout the day I had emailed out some pictures from my phone, so here they are! Sorry that the quality isn't the best, they are still fun.

Today started out with playing around and dressing up. A current top 5 favorite show of the boys is Imagination Movers. I can't say enough about how much I enjoy the show for a multitude of reasons, but I'll spare you the list. The boys are dressed in their "Wobble Goggles" to be like Scott.

Then a second trip to try and get my TN drivers license. This time there was not 40 other people waiting and I was in and out in 20 min. I don't need to show what it looks like - trust me, I'm now a TN resident.

We received in the mail yesterday the boys belated Christmas presents from my brother and his wife. The boys have been asking over and over again when we can work on them. It made for a fun craft! The Melissa and Doug cars were a hit!

Followed quickly by a bath to wash off the paints. However, we added more paints, crayons, and bath toys to make for a very long and fun bath time!

A very successful homemade pizza dinner made with Daddy followed closely by bed time. The pizzas took longer than we planned!

As you see, I have been taking quite a few pictures through my phone. I'm sure the novelty will wear off, but it has been fun just emailing out pictures throughout the day. However those that are getting their inbox flooded might not think it's as cool. Lastly, here is my new phone wallpaper. It is totally Quinton and it makes me laugh!


Mary said...

I love the blog facelift, very cute! And I love your stories too...

lori bunk said...

isaac loves imagination movers too! your boys are so adorable!

Nina Bunk said...

so funny, maddy loves them too!! do they wear their goggles all day long?

denise said...

Thanks Mary! Only because a friend showed me and it's super easy.

Lori, I love the "tried, failed, try again" concept they teach!

Nina, they wear them and forget they are on their heads! The other day I laughed because they were coloring at the table all with their goggles still on their eyes. I know his wobble goggles are red, but at Christmas when they asked for them, I was not going to spend $20 each from the IM website. So we have "blue wobble goggles" as they call them.

mom said...

I LOVE your new blog, your new iPhone, all the pics you send me. Sure helps me KIT and deal with the separation & long distance.
Luv U

Jessica said...

As one whose inbox is being flooded, don't stop! I love it! I would love the list of why you like imagination movers. I have never seen it-is it on Disney? I might need to DVR it for the boys. Speaking of, our DISH DVR is crapping out on us again-this will be the 4th in the last 6 months. Lucky you switching to your cool Direct DTV with remote access!!! :) Love you!

denise said...

Why I like Imagination Movers:
* their music is fun. Not annoying. I find myself humming along with it.
* their concept is that they are "problem solvers". Then the first things they try don't work. It teaches them to fail and try again.
* my boys will sit and watch an entire episode.
* I can actually sit through an entire episode without being totally annoyed. Works GREAT in the car, too. (a wonderful friend of mine burned a disk for the boys in the car).
* they are guys that were friends and developed a stage show in New Orleans where they lived. They realized when Mr Rogers died that there were no kids shows with male role models. Two of them lost their homes to Katrina and almost quit IM. They decided to keep going and a rep from Disney saw them. They offered to do a pilot and when the show was picked up, the IM guys said they would do it only if it was shot in New Orleans to give people jobs here.
* It is on Disney East & West. Do a search for Imagination Movers.

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