Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Year in Review - iPhone Style

All my friends are doing these awesome blog posts about their resolutions or doing year-in-review photos. I have started in my head a few of those blogs, then get that sick feeling in my stomach that I can't do it. That I can't live up to the expectations.

Who's expectations? I'd love to post witty stuff every day on my blog, or have a "purpose" to it. I'm just not that organized ! My blog has taken on a modge podge of topics, events and thoughts.

As I plugged my phone in today to charge it, I started laughing at some of the photos on there. I got my phone the middle of last January, when we moved here to Tennessee. Some photos have been uploaded to Facebook or emailed to friends. Others have just sat on my phone.

SOOOO here is my year in review.... iPhone style. I hope you enjoy it!
(please don't be offended if you are not pictured, I have no rhyme or reason to the pictures that are captured!)

This photo is a favorite of mine - Quinton
Loving Ronald... before this McDonalds was torn down
An unusually snowy February for Jackson
First time bowling!
Helping clean the bathtub in the rental house
Watching the Lady Bulldogs!
Is this wrong to post????
In Walmart after I told them that Anakin turns into Darth Vader
The fun swing at Union - why did they take this down??
A sign at Union. I guess they sell Pot!?!!
Our trip back to Arkansas for Dan's graduation - our newfound peace and quiet... HEADPHONES!
My dress up Easton
Quinton not to sure about the jumping in Memphis
Easton LOVES IT!
Dalton thinks it's the BEST!
Watching the house burn down across from church. It was a great lesson for the boys in fire safety and the important jobs of fire fighters
Blast from the past pen that I found!
For all my Chase/Bank One/First USA/ First Card peeps
Scary Pirates
Park with friends, what a fun swing!
Construction on our house
Visiting Florida with the "cousins"
Jess and I on the airplane landing in.... HAWAII!
Hawaii for Renee's wedding - a trip of a lifetime!
Dalton learned "shaka" when I got back :)
2nd time bowling - Maria comes to visit
In Springfield, MO climbing with friends the bridge over the busy road
Two peas....
A beautiful Ohio rest stop on our way to Michigan
Visiting Papa's shop
Boy's first day of TN Pre-school
The playroom in the rental house before the pack up to move
Dalton LOVED this chair he found at Sam's Club
Missionary Dinner with the Talley's. The kids loved the spider!
My Star Wars boys
Construction begins! Note Quinton's tool belt, hat and tools :)
St Louis for "So You Think You Can Dance" Live Tour!
Fun time at the park with friends
They LOVE the car wash! That was not always the case. They used to SCREAM whenever we would go through a car wash.
Dalton and Grammy pretending to go on a trip at the Children's Museum of Memphis
Being like "policeman Uncle Dave" as they call him :)
My weekend with 5 boys
Quinton pretending to be our foreman fixing the floors
My perfect Christmas ornament I found to remind me of my time in Hawaii! Love those sea turtles!
Quinton said this is Mommy & Daddy's wedding. Awe!
My children are products of their grandpa... "Live Long and Pros-e-per" (prosper) as they say.
Quinton dressed as Frosty the Snowman
Quinton dressed as Santa. He loves dress up and he loves Christmas!
Where did my 4 year old Dalton come up with that as a pose??? Cracked me up!
I let my boys make their own sandwiches. This one is Dalton's concoction of peanut butter and chocolate covered raisins. He said it was good.....
Dalton and his muffin
Quinton enjoying his muffin
Of COURSE Easton picked a big cookie!!!
In Michigan for Christmas... have to hit the shooting range with my dad!
Our trip from Missouri to Tennessee - the last leg. Poor Quinton!
Out of ALL the toys the boys got for Christmas, these are the three gifts they chose for show and tell.
Quinton's Frosty from Grammy & Papa
Easton's General Grevious from Great Grandma TenBrink
Dalton's whoopee cushion from Easton
Dalton came down with this outfit all by himself. 1 part lightsaber, add belt and hooded frog robe = 1 Jedi in training!

If you stuck with me through all those photos, thanks for viewing my year in review... iPhone style!

Which picture caught your attention and made you laugh??


Shawna said...

Great pics!!! And yes...i stuck with you on ALL those pics. I sure wish we would have been included in some of those pics...only becuase that would mean we would have gotten together in this past year! This year we WILL get together..even if that means I have to drive the 2 1/2 hrs with the kids by myself to get to you! lol! :) Happy New Year! :)

Nina Bunk said...

Loved it!!!
i felt the same way about my year in review!

Jessica said...

awesome pictures. :) I looked really tired when we arrived in Hawaii! And then we barely slept while we were there. Can we go back?!? Like now?? :) Do you have any idea where the General Grievous came from? Reagan loves that guy and wants something just like that.

Mama Rickett said...

The last one of Dalton dressed as a Jedi! Love it!

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