Saturday, September 11, 2010

Do your triplets act all the same???

I'm not going to get into the nitty gritty of this question that I get ALL the time.... I just wanted to take a second to show an example this morning.

Now that we have moved, the boys have their own closets. They are enjoying picking out their own clothes (within the limits I give them). Please excuse the quality of the photos, they are from my phone.

Dalton loves good guys and bad guys. He always wants to play them, and be them. Right now his favorite show is Star Wars. He picked out this nifty shirt that I picked up at Old Navy this spring for $1.58 each. The boys each have one.

Easton loves routine and the color blue. It's hard to tell which he loves more. He likes to be comfortable, and for him this means routine and a shirt he still can wear after a long time. They boys have these striped shirts in three different colors. They started wearing them last summer and still fit them this year. There is nothing wrong with the shirts, I am just TIRED of seeing them. I think other moms understand. So when Easton went into his closet to pick out a shirt and came out with his old faithful routine BLUE shirt, I inwardly groaned....

Quinton is unlike Dan and I. He wants to dress up. ALL the time. The reason why he won't smile in the picture below is because I would not let him wear a long sleeve dress shirt with a tie and sweater vest. He had to succumb to a button up collared shirt. He loves to be dressy!

What do I say when I get the question "Do your triplets all act the same?" I fight my natural inclination to start a lecture, recognizing that even though I have heard this question 1,091 times, this is the first time they are asking it.

"They are just like any brothers. They act like their own person. They just happened to be born on the same day at the same time."

Spend a little time with them. You'll see how different they truly are. I love them!


lori bunk said...

i love this post! you're boys are so cute and are going to be so much fun to watch grow up!

Shawna said...

Quinton sounds A LOT like Mya. She ALWAYS wants to dress up..AND she doesn't care what the weather is. She will always try to put on something long sleeved when it's 100 degrees outside! lol. (like her christmas sweater & skirt). Your boys are getting so big.... :)

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