Monday, September 6, 2010

We are Moved!

If you were wondering, we are 100% moved! It's been an exciting time, and exhausting. We feel very blessed with the home we now have, and our boys are having a blast having their "own" things. Their own room, own closet, own bookshelves. It has been a project for me to go through their clothes and split them into three closets rather than one.

Along with these changes are stresses on each of us. To unpack, get used to new surroundings, dealing with setting up utilities, dealing with customer service calls, etc. Then Dan started a new semester teaching the week before we moved. So it was not the ideal time to move, but that is when the house was ready.

We are chugging along. Today I realized that I am not feeling very settled because I've focused on getting the boys settled into their rooms. However I have still be living out of a suitcase and my closet and bathroom are still in boxes. I took this afternoon to unpack Dan's clothes and my clothes, and about half of the master bathroom.

Can you believe I am doing a post without pictures? I have not taken out my camera this entire move! Well, I couldn't find it for part of it. I knew where it was, it was just packed away safely. Since then we have been working on room by room to unpack, organize and purge. We had hoped to purge before the move, but it didn't happen. Now our garage is COMPLETELY full. It has an attic side, a "go through older boxes" side, now a "giveaway/sell" side, and now a HUGE garbage side. Our garbage collection was the morning we moved, so we didn't have anything to put out just yet. Now we have an incredible amount of items, boxes, wrap, etc.

When I start to get overwhelmed, I stop a minute and just thank God for this opportunity for my family! We have been able to find a wonderful job for Dan, a great church for our family with awesome friends, and now we have moved into a house of our dreams. We never thought we'd get a house that had so many of my "wish list" items on it. Rooms for each boys, a covered porch, my own closet, facing west (yes, this was one of my "must" items), etc. Our biggest "wish" was wanting two living areas to have people over. That way we can have different areas for different conversations. We have been blessed to already entertain some friends tonight! Thankfully they are good enough friends to look past all the items that still need to be unpacked :)

So, if you are looking for me this week, I will be neck deep in boxes. Please contact me to make sure I did get buried alive in cardboard!

I will get some updated photos at SOME point.... :)

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Mary said...

Congratulations! What an exciting time!

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