Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Festival 2010

This year's Fall Festival at our church, Northside, was a HIT with my kids! There was food, snow cones, blow up slide, carnival games, bb gun shooting gallery, train ride, friends, and did I mention CANDY!?!?! It was all FREE to the community! The only downside is it was H-O-T! It's mid October and still 84 outside.

Here are the boys and Dan on the train
Carnival games are fun!
Yum... FOOD!
Look at all the people!
Fun blow up rides
The carnival games
Isn't the boys friend, Joshua, adorable?!
Dalton making a bracelet
Easton digging for the "right" candy
Quinton asked the girl to paint a Storm Trooper.
After her blank stare he settled on a pumpkin :)
Easton with his blue snake
Does anyone else's kids not like having their faces painted?
Dalton with is red snake
Quinton with his finished pumpkin
In their glory.... the first time shooting a BB gun!
Quinton is ready for his turn
Working on the snow cone
The boys best friend... Miss Nancee! Oh, and her husband too :)
(Our fearless leaders!)

Thanks for all the fun, Northside!

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