Friday, October 1, 2010

Please Vote for CFL!!!

I don't post about stuff like this, but I have a HUGE request of my friends and family that read my blog....

My good friend Lori's parents help start Champion for Life Kids camp. It is in Michigan and is for abused and neglected children. There are two weeks out of the year that these children have a place to go with loving, caring and Christian mentors. They keep the staff quite high, so they are in charge of just a few children. This way they are able to pour into them and help them. You can read more about CFL HERE.

Why am I telling you about this???

Pepsi is giving away $25,000 to different causes. CFL was submitted and can be voted on. The top ones voted for will get the money! There are THREE ways you can vote! And you can vote through each them one time per day.

So I am asking you to PLEASE VOTE!!! If you wouldn't mind, could you put this on your calendar every day for October to go in and vote?

Here are the THREE ways you can vote (and you can do EACH of them one time each day!):
Text: Text 102887 to Pepsi (73774) *standard text messaging rates apply


Facebook HERE - it's only TWO clicks away! Click "like" for Pepsi, then vote for Champions for Life Kids Camp.!


On Pepsi's website HERE - (or click on the voting box at the top of the right column on my blog). If you don't already have an account, it's easy to set up. Go to the website HERE. Click on "Join Refreshing Everything" (located on the bottom left corner of the page). Create an account (this only takes a minute). Once you have an account, you will automatically be taken to the voting page and you can begin voting. The easiest way to find the proposal is to locate the white, rectangular bibble with the magnifying class on the upper right corner of the page. Type CFL then look for the Champions for Life proposal in red. This will take you right to the proposal. When you are done, please share your vote with Twitter, Facebook, and email!

Remember you can vote EVERY DAY for the rest of October!

Still not convinced? Here is more information about their purpose:
CFL reaches out to abused children at a young age to begin healing their pain before they turn to mechanisms to numb it. Participants are shown unconditional love and are taught they were created for a purpose. This is accomplished through daily dramas and teachings, as well as activities such as horseback riding and kayaking, designed to provide encouragement and build self-esteem. For many, these are life changing accomplishments. Allowing the participants to be children again is vital to the healing process as their painful memories are replaced with happy ones of their time at CFL. Most importantly, CFL focuses on the healing process. Forgiveness is taught as a key component in repairing their broken souls. The children learn their past does not define their future. Meaningful activities such as burning painful memories and throwing a rock symbolic of their pain into the "Lake of Forgiveness" are powerful and emotional times.

I hope all the links work, please let me know if they don't.


lori bunk said...

thank you SO MUCH for posting this! i actually copied some of your post and sent it to all my email contacts.

Flakymn said...

Done! I'm going to link it on my blog too. :)

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