Friday, February 11, 2011

Eli and his Family

(2 year old Eli - isn't he adorable!!)

I have mentioned my friend Christy and her son Eli in previous posts. Little 2 year old Eli is currently receiving chemo treatments for acute lymphocytic leukemia.

Brad & Christy are friends of ours from church back when we lived in Missouri. I remember what a blessing they were to us when the boys were first born. Christy and her mom came and stocked our kitchen for us when the boys first came home from the hospital. That is just a small picture into their generous hearts.

I was reading Christy's updates last night and my heart just hurts for them. As a mom I can't fathom having a 2 year old battling cancer and a 5 year old daughter. Their lives has been flipped upside down having to learn and immerse themselves in this new medical life.

The good news is Eli is doing well with his treatments. Praise God! It is a total answer to prayer and they would covet continual prayers for Eli. Passively Christy mentioned his treatments will continue until September 2013. I just could not believe it, 3 years of treatment is a long time! I know that it is worth it to save his little life. I am thankful for today's medicine to help Eli get better, even if in the moments it is stripping away his immune system in order to give him his treatments.

A testament to their relationship with God has been their ever present reliance on the Lord. They consistently bring their readers back to God's strength in their lives. That is such a living testament to me of being in the trenches and still crying out to the Lord! She wrote the other day:
I also want to say Happy Anniversary to Brad Tree! :) I never could have imagined where life has taken us this past 10 years. We have had some really great times, and some tough times, but through the good and the bad we have kept our faith in God and each other. I always dreamed for our 10 year anniversary we would be on a cruise ship sailing off into the sunset, but as I watch you read a book to Ellie and Eli right now, as they snuggle in close, I realize there is no where else I would rather be. I love you, Brad.

It just touched my heart! I am thankful to know this wonderful family!

I ask on here for anyone that reads my blog, could you take a moment to pray for this family? For their relationship with each other? Their son Eli? Their daughter Ellie? For God's strength, for treatments, for monetary help?

If you would like to have your little kids pray for him and send him a drawing (or even send his sister a drawing), their address is:

Brad & Christy Tree
5356 W. Josh St
Springfield, MO 65802

Thank you, friends!

You can follow Eli's story on their Caringbridge webpage or their Facebook page.

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Christy Tree said...

Thank you so much, Denise!!! You are so incredibly sweet and we feel blessed to know you and your amazing family. Love you all! :)

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