Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sunshine Award

I have received my FIRST blog award from my friend at Carter's Chaos! Thank you, Edie!!!

The Sunshine Award is passed on to blogger's that inspire others and show positivity and creativity.

These are the blogs that I enjoy reading the most. They have great suggestions and usually make me smile! It's great to catch up on their blogs when I need a laugh, smile or a little inspiration.
  1. My cousin, Jessica's at Books, Bucks & Beyond - a great coupon/money saving blog
  2. My old roommate from college, Shawna's at Pieces of Me - a blog about her family of 4 kids, homeschooling, and just life
  3. My friend since ???, Lori at Lori Bunk - a mom, youth pastor, sister and daughter - she does it all and inspires her readers spiritually to grow
  4. My friend (and Lori's sister), Keri at Keri Sheerer - a mom to newborn twins and a toddler, and is just a joy to see her family grow!
  5. My friend from childhood, Nina at Nina Bunk - a mom to two little cuties that has the funniest stories and pictures
  6. My friend via my cousin (we have never met in person!), Wendi at Life in the Polar North Defrosts - a family's journey through infertility, adoption, irish twins and medical school
  7. My cousin's wife Joia at Our Daily Post from the Emerald Coast - an Air Force family of 4 blog about life and crafts
  8. My friend, Karen at Marriage Vitamins - I used to babysit her 5 kids and now they are all grown up!
  9. My friend from Northwest Arkansas and the multiples club there, Mary at The Johanson Journal - her antics with super filly, girlie girl twins and another girl. I love all the pictures!
  10. A stranger I have never met, but I want to be like her. Amanda at Kevin & Amanda. She is crafty, takes awesome pictures, sews (something I would LOVE to learn), blogs, creates fonts, etc.
Please comment and share any other great blogs that I may be missing out on!!!

For those that were nominated (or if you would want to do a post and nominate people), you should go and nominate 10 more blogs!!!

Here are the suggestions for the Award:
  1. Put the logo within your blog or on your post
  2. Pass the award onto 10 fellow bloggers
  3. Link the nominees within your post
  4. Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog
  5. Share the love and link to the person whom you received this award from.


Jessica said...

I am wayyyy overdue on thanking you for this, but THANKS! I love it!!! :) Now, I have to think of 10 great blogs...can I be a slacker and think of 5? Can I give the award back to you because you're one of my favorite blogs? :) So many questions. Love you!

Mary said...

You are sooo sweet! Thanks for this. I love reading your blog as well!!

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