Saturday, May 1, 2010

Waging the war against the flood....

Well, this was the weekend we rescheduled our camping trip because last weekend was thunderstorms, and tornado watches. We decided to reschedule AGAIN due to bad weather that was supposed to hit us Friday - Tuesday (at the latest). Good news is, it looks like it will be done by Monday (and our power has only flickered)! Bad news is.....
  1. Since 3 am last night we have had 4 tornado warnings from all different storms
  2. we had 3 boys in our room since 3 am
  3. it has not stopped raining since last evening
  4. there is flash floods all over Western Tennessee
  5. Church is canceled tomorrow because of the weather :(
How bad can flash flooding be??? Here are some pictures to show you.... (borrowed pics from friends)

One of the 7 reported sinkholes in Jackson
Car hops will have to use boats rather than skates
Look at the buried cars!
A steakhouse in Humbolt just miles from our house
My friend's backyard
This sink hole has only gotten larger as the storms keep coming

We are supposed to get even more storms through the night and all day tomorrow. Please keep our area in your prayers!


Nina Bunk said...
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Nina Bunk said...

has there been any flooding at your house like this?? that is so crazy! i mean does a car really work after being submerged on the street ??

Mary said...

So glad you all are safe!!!! When things like that happen, I think - good thing you are renting, because there is a lot less liability!!

Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

unbelievable!! :-(
I'm so glad you guys are safe.
And you thought you'd be getting away from the tornado warnings when you left Arkansas...
Praying for good weather for you all!

christine said...

Denise-hope you guys are surviving the flooding!! Great catching up with you! I never heard why you decided to relocate?? Hope you guys are loving it!

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