Friday, June 4, 2010

Introducing..... Dr. Dan Slater IV!!!!!

I'm behind, I know! However, HERE IT IS!!! THE BIG DAYYYYY!!!!

We traveled the 7 hours back to Arkansas a few weeks ago for Dan's graduation from the University of Arkansas. This is when we found out that the boys will keep headphones on while watching the DVD player. While it was short lasting, it was a beautifully quiet ride when it happened! A couple melt downs and stops, and we made it safely.

Before moving from AR, my friend Julia told me that we would not want to miss Dan's hooding at graduation. Her husband completed his Ph.D a few years ago and is a faculty member at JBU back in Siloam where we used to live. That advise has stuck with me the last year, and I am SOOO glad we did it!

I thought it would be a proud moment, but I didn't realize how much it would hit me. When Dan's name was called and he was getting hooded, the constant tapping from two boys for more snack and "where IS Daddy, I can't SEE him?" comments, trying to take pictures without shaking the camera (since the flash was off) faded away for a moment. All the hard work that we both have put in these last years are actually coming to fruition! Dan with his Ph.D program, me at home with 3 babies/infants/toddlers in a new place where we knew no one. To put a cherry on top we have already found a WONDERFUL job for Dan at Union that he is fully enjoying! Praise God!

Seeing Dan walking out!

The opening - the Star Spangled Banner

Dan getting hooded!
(BTW the pictures didn't work well between the boys poking and my emotions were not keeping the camera steady)

Waving to us!

Meanwhile - 5 minutes later outside....
My little Hogs playing! The rest of the ceremony was at least another hour, so we stayed outside.

Jon - Dan's dissertation chair
The family! Dan's parents, Christian & Maria came from Missouri, and April even flew in from LA! We are all proud of Dan.
Proud Dad with his boy
We made it!

Congratulations Honey! I am so proud of you and all the work you have done to make sure you can provide for our family WHILE constantly working with your passion! I love you!


Mary said...

What an incredibly exciting time for you and your family!! What a HUGE accomplishment!! I'm so happy for you guys and looking forward to reading all about this new beginning in Tennessee.

lori bunk said...

yay dan!!!
and to think just a few years ago i sat in front of him in theology I in Pincombes class. time flies!
congrats to you both!!

A. Kathleen said...

congratulations to both of you! What an incredible accomplishment.

We love you Dr. Dan! :0)

and loved the little hog pics of the boys. They are so big!

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