Friday, April 30, 2010

House Update

We have been excitedly watching progress on our house! It is nice moving to an area that is really growing, we have lots of choices of builders, plans, property, etc. Here are some pictures from the last few weeks. (you can click on them to see it bigger)

Here is our "house" on 4.8

Dalton & Easton took a drive with me one Sunday.
We found they had cleared the land!

Daddy & the boys surveying what our view
will be from the front of the house

Mr. Kevin our builder. SUPER nice, and the boys LOVE him!
I mean, to them he has the coolest job!

One day we took the long way home from Walmart to pass the "house". We were behind a cement mixer and Easton said "Maybe it's for our house, Mommy!" lo and behold he was right! It entranced them for 45 minutes as we watched from the car. (picture courtesy of my iPhone)
Cement Mixer

Footings Poured (picture courtesy of my iPhone)
Footings Poured

Yesterday we went out to see the cinder blocks all set onto the footings! This will probably be the only work done in the next week or two. We are under Tornado watches and flash flooding starting this evening until Tuesday. Nice.

Easton was trying to help make the wall bigger :) The next steps is the plumbing, then the cement slab. Yes, slab. In Michigan we grew up with basements. Missouri was crawl spaces or walk out basements. In AR and here in TN it's cement slabs (something about the water level and flooding in this area??!)

I caught them in one of their "projects"

And this was their finished project! I had to explain it might not be there next time we visit :)

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Mary said...

I really enjoyed this post - I have a feeling I will enjoy all of your posts about the new house!!

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