Saturday, July 17, 2010

Beach vs Pool

Well folks, I am quite behind. I hoped to get these posted before my trip last week, but was not able to get to it. I had an AMAZING time, but more about that later :)

I posted about our Florida trip HERE and HERE. Below are more pictures of our beach and pool trips. It was so much fun!
Silly boys ready to hit the beach!
Shuttle ride to the beach (or "space shuttle" ride as my boys called it)
Aunt Kathleen with the Blogging Queen :) (Joia) & Moriah
Easton checking out the waves
My bestest, Jessica
All the kiddos
ages 9, 5, 4, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1
Checking out the beach
Keenan, Isaac, Reagan, Hudson, Moriah, Dalton, Quinton, & Easton
Our family of 5

I was devastated that my boys were not going to see the ocean, then was thrilled the oil was not there! However, the June Grass was there, so we ditched the ocean *sad face* and jumped in the condo's amazing pool!
Easton filling his pail in the kiddie pool
Splashing Moriah
Easton now filling his bucket in the splash area
Swimming with Isaac, Reagan & Hudson
my cousins Jessica & Isaac
Isn't Hudson adorable?!
Hudson & his Mommy
We spotted a male model on the bridge!
(hey, Matt... can you step out of the way a second?)
Hudson & his Daddy
Jeff, our towel guard of our 128 checked out towels
It was a BLAST!!! Ok, one more post later about our lake experience.... more fun to come!

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