Wednesday, June 30, 2010

While at banquet....

Here are some more pictures from our Florida trip! This is very unlike me to post out of time sequence, I'm not sure what has gotten into me :)

There was a banquet the evening before graduation (for banquet pictures click HERE). It was an adult only affair, so my cousin Isaac and my other cousin Jessica's two boys Reagan and Hudson stayed back at the condo with us.

While the parents are away.... we shall play!!!

After everyone left, I prepared a gourmet meal of hot dogs, mac & cheese, grilled cheese, applesauce, bananas and yogurt for the bunch. During the time the kids played on the Wii Fit. Isaac was the one in charge of getting everyone set up on the board and had everyone taking turns. He is such a help!

After dinner we decided to go on an "Exploration Adventure". After everyone agreed to stay with me and listen, we got shoes on. Well, most of us. Hudson said his were too wet and opted to carry them for the trip.

We wondered into one of the other condo buildings and road the elevator all the way to the 12th floor. All the kids enjoyed the view!

Isaac was convinced that the closer they got to the window, the floor started to slant towards the ground :)
We wondered towards the pool and walked the boardwalk that overlooked the pool
Waving "hi" to me from over the water!
Photo Op!
Quinton, Hudson, Reagan, , Easton, Dalton & Isaac
Fun boys :)
THERE we go! The crazies we love.
Holding hands
Next stop, kissing and hugging the "mean guy" statue
Pretending to sleep on the lobby couches
....while Hudson caught up on his "Womans Day" magazine
Fun Mirror
Winding down watching a cartoon, they were all glued - they are so tired!
6 boys make for lots of shoes :)

All the kids were in bed at 7:30 and asleep HARD for the night! They had fun playing with their cousins!!!


Shawna said...

I love that pic of Dalton..the b & w pic. His facial expression is classic! He has that "get the camera out of my face" look!

Jessica said...

I love this post!!! I didn't even think about taking pics of your adventures, but I should have know. I love it!! :) You captured some great shots and great expressions! Thanks also a TON for watching Reagan and Hudson. I am so glad I got to take part in the banquet. See you soon!!

mom♥grammy♥ said...

Awesome! Superb! Soooo Cute! Creative! I absolutely LOVE this post. You captured everything & everyone so well.

GREAT job as usual, Professional Photographer ♥♥

A. Kathleen said...

I sure thought I'd looked at all the grad posts, but somehow I missed this one. THANK YOU AGAIN for keeping Isaac for us so we could enjoy the banquet! I am SO glad we went to that. It was the best part of the ceremonies. Also, the b&w photos were so great! Thanks for taking one of Isaac too. I have saved them all. Sorry for not getting to this before now! Love, AK

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