Sunday, June 27, 2010

Amazing Accomplishments!

For the second time in a month, we were able to attend another graduation ceremony! (You might remember the post HERE where Dan had his PhD graduation.) This time I had the privilege to attend my cousin's Residency graduation at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.

(for more pictures of the event, click HERE and HERE)

I'm so proud of my cousin, Dr. Philip Dooley!

The actual ceremony was really good. How many times can you really say it and mean that? It was very intimate with about 20 graduates. They spoke highly of their students, and also their wives. It amazed me how personal they were, and spoke highly of the support of their wives and children. How many highly demanding jobs will have their teachers place a priority on family, faith and how well to treat their patients? This group did! If any of them ended up having a practice where I live, I would go to them just because they sounded so amazing from what was said about them!

The ceremony had a great speaker that spoke about some practical life lessons and what the next steps will hold for the graduates. They also honored my cousin as one of three Cheif Residents. I wish I had a copy of the accomplishments they listed he has done. Philip has always been someone that can shoot for a goal, and push himself to do it better than expected. However, he does not have a big head - he has a huge heart! This heart has been (and will be) used in medical missions. Just this past March he took his family to Africa for a month to work in a hospital there. He ACTUALLY cares about people.

They even honored the spouses of the graduates!
After the ceremony they even had cake! My boys were thrilled.
All of the family that was able to attend
We all clean up pretty well :)
Ahhhh, much better. The REAL family!

My Uncle Dan came in from Africa to be the BEAMING proud Dad
(he is a missionary to Kenya). Here he is with his two kids.

Philip with my Aunt Kathleen and Jeff

So proud of their big brother! (Philip, Jessica & Isaac)

Philip and his beautiful wife, Joia

I had to include this picture, it CRACKS me up! Joia put her daughter's headband on Philips head and I ALMOST got a picture of it on his head.

My cousin Jessica, here husband Matt, and their two boys Reagan & Hudson. They live in FL also, but had to also drive 8 hrs to get there!

My Aunt Kathleen, Uncle Jeff & Isaac

Me and my boys. We clean up well! :)
Three blogging ladies!!! My cousin Jessica, myself & Joia!
While I was taking pictures, this impromptu "Ring around the rosie" game was going on. SO CUTE!

Moriah has a few things to say about her Daddy...

"Testing... is this thing on???"
"My Daddy is the BEST Daddy in the world because he LOVES ME! The end, all done."

The kids were looking at the water before our family picture. Aren't they all SO CUTE?!?! Ages are 9,5, 4, 4, 4, 3, 2, &1. It is 7 boys and 1 lone girl!

(I'll post more later about some of the other activities we did while in Destin.)

Both of my parents are one of 7 children. Needless to say, I have a lot of cousins, and most of them have kids too. Growing up I was in between the ages all by myself. On my dad's side, my cousins were older than me and didn't really want me "hanging" out with them. The oldest ones even had kids there were only a few years younger than me. On my mom's side that was the case for the most part. Except for my cousins Philip & Jessica. They are both younger than me by only a few years. I have always enjoyed our times together growing up. (sorry, Jessi, for torturing you!) They lived in Florida so I didn't get to see them as much as I would have liked. We have always gotten along and I am so THANKFUL that Joia keeps me up today via her blog on her and Philip's family. I am also so blessed to be close with my cousin Jessica and we talk, text, email and "Words With Friends" each other.

Needless to say, I am very proud of Philip and what he has accomplished. He has done it while supporting a wife and two children. He has also done it with his belief in God, high standards, and integrity in tact. I am not an ooey-gooey person that likes to talk about my feelings outwardly, but I am VERY proud of him!

Congratulations Philip!


Jessica said...

awwww, I love this post and all the pictures turned out GREAT! Thanks for being the official photographer :) I forgive you and Phil for torturing me and I am so blessed to call you one of my best friends today. :) see you again soon!!! Love you!

Jessica said...

What great pictures and a beautiful write up!!! I enjoyed looking at it and reading it.

mom♥grammy♥auntmary♥ said...

Thanks for posting all the awesome photos of my wonderful family. Good job!!! Nice write up of all the festivities. Super pix of all the boy cousins & cutie Moriah. I'm so happy that you and your fam were able to attend Philip's graduation.

Proud to be Philip's aunt... ♥♥

A. Kathleen said...

Great Pics; great fun. Sure enjoyed reconnecting with you, Dan and Quinton & especially excited to finally meet Easton & Dalton in person. They are all such treasures and a tribute to your parenting. I was a very proud Mom too.

Philip said...


Thank you for this wonderful post. Everything you had to say was very kind and I have been truly blessed to train for the last three years in this program with so many wonderful mentors. I hope I can keep up the standard they have set as I become one of the teachers. I'm so glad you were all able to come down and hopefully since we should have another four years here in Florida it won't be another three years till you can return. I had a great time out on the boat as well, especially with the last ride trying to throw Dan off. Thanks again.


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