Friday, November 5, 2010

I missed it...

I missed it. How could I? Their first time really getting into the whole Fall Frenzy, Trick or Treating, (or whatever you call it).

Call it Mommy guilt. Is it just me or does it consume us?

Let me back up....
My Uncle Tim (my Mom's brother) passed away suddenly a couple weeks ago. A memorial was set up for him where he lived in Florida. I really wanted to go, but there was no way! Dan had classes, all flights were super expensive (and at least 1 layover). That is one of the downsides of living where we do, no easy flights. I grew up close to DTW, so I am used to the ease of flights :)

God worked it out! I drove the boys to Missouri to spend time with gracious friends and family. They shared the boys and the boys had a blast!!! I was able to get a cheap, direct flight from there. The memorial was Saturday, 10/30.

While I was gone, I had the Mommy guilt. I was feeling bad that the boys were missing out on the fall fun back home. They didn't have their parents with them. They carefully picked their own costumes this year and have been so excited to wear them. I forced them not to spend the day with their Dad since I took them out of town. I missed going around with them! They missed other church festivals, our neighborhood, a bonfire, etc. I missed getting pictures of their faces, their candy high, their excitement. Their age is so perfect for all those things!


I know they still got to dress up. They still had fun. They got to visit Grandpa's work (where Easton won best costume!), bouncy house, trunk or treat, and WAY WAY WAY too much candy. I know they had fun!

So, is my guilt because I missed out then??

Here are some pictures I took before I left town

Our Star Wars loving boys

Quinton as Rex the Storm Trooper

Easton as Darth Vader

Dalton the ART Stormtrooper


Letty said...

Awe, it is hard when things don't go as originally planned, I understand! Sometimes Plan B works out OK, anyway! We've had at least 2 October 31st(s) not work out as planned, but the others have.

The boys are so cute! I am sure Dan was especially pleased with their costume choices! :)

Anonymous said...

I can completely relate! I bet they had a blast, even though it wasn't what you had planned. What a blessing for you to be able to travel, and them to be able to spend special time with grandparents.
I really love the ART trooper - haven't seen that one with the "camo" look!
Also, sorry for the spell check, but it's Darth Vader is spelled with an "e".
Miss you guys here!
-S. Davis

A. Kathleen said...

I get the whole "mommy guilt" thing b/c I *still* do that to myself...But the older I get, the more I realize what a draining & unfruitful emotion guilt soon as you hear, "I shoulda, woulda, coulda," you know it's a waste of time and energy! You were where you were supposed to be, and look at what the boys did get to do since you weren't there. And what foresight you had to take the pics before you left! That was awesome and they were all adorable. Give yourself a break, Denise. You are a great mom, a super wife, and an awesome niece! Love, A. Kathleen

Living Creatively said...

They're going to remember a great Halloween with family, along with all the other ones when you were able to be there. Plan B is okay sometimes. :)
LOVE the costumes, and the fabulous pictures. So, so cute! Great to take one of each boy with and without their masks/helmets.

denise said...

thanks, S - I fixed it!

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