Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hawaii: Part One

Where to start?!?!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a chance last month to go to Oahu, Hawaii. Going into this trip I was very excited, then also sad that Dan could not go with me, then I would my my kiddos too. On the other hand I am seeing a new part of the world, and able to see some old friends! Add to that my cousin went with me to make it even more fun.

I think I will be jumping around with my stories here, so please bear with me.

Our flights heading to Oahu were amazing! I left from Nashville and Jessica left from Orlando. We landed only 20 minutes apart in Denver and left from there to Honolulu. (after a quick scary moment where we were in the LA line to board, and realized our line was two more sections down. We were so busy talking, we got in the wrong line. Ooops!

NOW we are at the right gate!
On the plane and SOOO excited!

Our 7 hour flight was great. We slept, read, watched a movie and just talked. Then we got all giddy as we got close and saw the island! I do have to mention that when our plan circled around to show another peak of the island, Jessica made the comment "Is that still Oahu?" Yes, Jess, it is. It's island or water out there - that's it!

Look at the mountains!

We landed and had our first glimpse of how everything is outdoors and so OPEN. I can't describe it, but it's amazing! The airport just does not have doors. Most restaurants and hotels do not either. The weather is just SO NICE! It has a good breeze and their rain is a quick soft rain, not the sideways rain I grew up with that would last for days.

This is when we spotted our now new friend Heather holding up the cutest "Aloha, Denise" sign. I wish I had gotten a picture of it! We took a tram to the car rental place where we met up with Stefanie and Nancy. Not only were these ladies willing to pick up two girls they didn't know, but they let us tag along with them on their adventures! Heather and Steff stood up in the wedding also, they are friends of Renee's from college at NCU. The coolest thing is the three of them get together every year to travel to a new destination! How cool is that?!

At the car rental lot, with our pretty flowers in our hair!

We were jet lagged, tired, excited, hungry, a little hot, and just HAPPY to be there! We got their car and drove to the hotel. Renee did a GREAT job for all that traveled and got us an awesome rate at the Aston Sunset. We had a living room, kitchen, and two single beds in the bedroom. Renee then met up with us and brought us a cool gift bag of yummy Mauna Loa nuts. We then headed out to dinner to eat outside and watch the sunset.

Sorry to be blogging in spurts, but I'm only have a little time here and there to post. More to come later!

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