Monday, August 16, 2010

House Update #3

I have been a little behind in posting updates about our house progress, so here is a VERY picture heavy post. You can skip it if you want :) HERE are older posts about our housing changes.

This is a view looking out the front door as they finish the stone work
Showing the amazing work of the trim guy and how they build an effect out of just trim wood and the actual wall!
working on our fire place. We asked them to make an opening for our TV components, and they will be hidden behind a door.
Our little railing overlook at the top of the stairs. It overlooks down over the stairs.
The stone and brick is done!
Trim work completed and painted in the dining room. This is close to the actual color of "brick dust red"
The pillar being worked on
Easton excited that his walls are done. 2 are the blue he picked out, and 2 are a natural taupe color. This blue is also in the play room, laundry room, and one of the bathrooms. It's a little brighter than we expected, but not quite as bright as pictured here. Easton's room is upstairs and to the right. It's above Dalton's room.
Quinton's green room that he picked out for 2 walls. In person it's a little more olive. This green is also in the living room and one bathroom. Quinton's bedroom is upstairs above the dining room. His is the top, middle front window when you look at the front of the house.
Dalton is proud of his 2 red walls he picked. This red is also in the dining room. Dalton's bedroom is downstairs behind the garage.
While we were in Michigan, they finished a lot more on the house! They poured the cement!
The sidewalk is poured
The front walkway - I'm seeing lights up! I think we'll probably move that light up a little bit more on the chain.
Our house number
The dining room light. This is not the actual color of the red in there.
The living room looking at the front door and dining room
The master bedroom fan. The window faces to the side of the house. The door is to the closets and master bath. Behind me to the right a little is the study. Our bedroom, study and bathroom are chocolate brown.
The study off the master bedroom. This looks out the front of the house. The door from the study to the master bedroom is directly behind me.
a plank of what our wood floors look like
One of the two master bathroom vanities. This one is my side. How do I know already? I had them put a 4 outlet plug on my side :)
The view walking into the master bathroom. The tub is straight ahead. The shower to the left of the tub, the toilet to the right (with the door, fan and light that we added to the plan)
The laundry room cabinets we had them add. The blue looks a little more blue here than it is in person. I'm standing in one entrance from the garage. Continue through to the kitchen.
Kitchen cabinets are in! They are a dark wood, but not as black as they look here. The eat in kitchen is towards the right behind the boys. The family room is to the left behind the boys.
view from the family room into the kitchen. The kitchen, family room, halls and garage are the same taupe color as the boys other two walls in their room.
Here you can see where the stairs go up next to the kitchen
a little dark, but this is the view from the corner of the living room. The dining room in the back and the kitchen to the right. The white boxes are the wood flooring.
The entry way light is up. It is the same as in the study. Here you can see a little more of the contrast of the trim work. We had them paint the trim a warm looking almond color rather than white.
Here is the downstairs bathroom light. This bathroom is Easton's blue. I forgot a picture of the upstairs bathroom which is green.
What I have always wanted, a covered porch! The three windows to the left are the living room. The door enters to the eat in kitchen.

Did you get through them all?! As I type this I am on hold with yet another company trying to get some things straight. This time it's the boys school curriculum.... then off to start packing for the move!


Dumpysunshine said...

Everything is beautiful, Denise! The rock work and color scheme are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! What a gorgeous house! I hope you can move in soon.
Jen Brummett

Joia said...

GORGEOUS!!! Wow! Can't wait to come visit! =)

denise said...

thanks everyone! We are excited!

Living Creatively said...

Wowsers!!! That is AMAZING. I love your choices!!

Aunt Kathleen said...

Absolutely breathtaking Denise. I cannot wait to see it in person! Love, A.K.

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