Friday, August 27, 2010

House Update #4

It is ALMOST finished! If you missed the first house updates, click on the links: Update #1, Update #2, and Update #3.

This morning we did our final walk through to see any little things that need to be done. Other than some paint touch ups, the only thing missing is most of our blinds. Unfortunately the person contracted for this project measured the windows for the wrong house. As much as I really wanted us all to get the best nights (dark) sleep from the beginning, this really is a minor thing in the whole process. It does not delay our closing date, and we can still move in and live our lives in the house.

Let's just put it in writing, for those of you that don't already know this. Dan and I are really picky. We like things the way we like them, and are willing to ask about changes. I mean, if we are having this built from the ground up, I'd like to have choices! We did this throughout the entire house process, and they worked with us NO PROBLEM! We were not ridiculous and ask for changes too late, and if something could not be done we didn't throw a fit. But honestly, they did more for us than I could have ever expected! We changed the ceiling in one room, added a door to the master commode in another room (SOOO worth it!), added outlets on my side of the bathroom (come on girls, you understand that I need 4 plugs!), took out the side windows by the front door, added blinds, a back screen door, changed the fireplace mantle, the kitchen was moved around, and we got to have our choice of amenities.

Here are some pictures from today. The carpet is in, the tile backsplash was just finished, and the boys happily were watching "Friends and Heroes" on my laptop while we did our entire walk through and my pictures.

Last week when the landscaping and sod was put in
The boys with one of their new favorite workers Mr Wesley.
Quinton asked me the other day why I didn't name him Mr Wesley because he likes the name. Where does he come up with this?!
Today, the family room. The blinds and the cleaning lady will complete this room!
Living room shot (standing in the eat in kitchen)
My back screen door that rolls up. Looking out onto my covered porch.
Looking back at the door to the house from the porch
Living room and Dining room
Living room - pic taken from the dining room
Further back in the same spot
view into the master bedroom
the office off the front of the master bedroom
view of the master bedroom from the office
Straight ahead through those doors are the closets and master bath. To the left out the door is the living room.
My sink and the shower behind it.
Looks like a different color in the picture, but it's the same through out the whole mast suite - a chocolate brown.
Bath, Dan's sink and commode (with the added door!)
view from the bathtub into the master bedroom. That's his and hers closets on each side!
Our AWESOME front door!
Here is a little background. All around here there are full glass front doors, side windows, etc. Growing up by Detroit, I feel safer when people can't see me. I want to shut everything and no one know I am home - that is what I want! So we found this awesome front door and Janet suggested the grommets and straps. It looks sooo cool! I love it!
Mr Wesley just finished the grout on the backsplash tile. I love what we picked! I wanted dark cabinets in the kitchen, but for it not to feel too formal. This helps "dress it down" and make it more of a homey casual feeling. At least to me!
The kitchen is to the left, the family room is to my right, the hallway on the right has the 2nd bath and Dalton's red room. Up the stairs straight ahead is the play room. Easton's blue room is to the right, and Quinton's green room and the 3rd bath is upstairs.
This is our walk through team. As Wesley finished the tile, Dan walked us through our house, Mr Patrick was working on the trim, and the gentleman in white (I forgot his name) is the paint guy.
Daton's red room with the carpet
You can't tell by looking at this fireplace, but it's been a MAJOR project! We changed the area from a flat spot, to an open spot above the mantle. We asked for outlets to be up there for Dan's new graduation gift - his first flat screen Plasma! He's been dreaming about one for YEARS.
After talking with Mr. Patrick, he build our mantle. You can't tell here, but the shadow box spot lifts up and will hold our components. Isn't that AWESOME! This is Dan's baby and he is so excited to have it all set up.
Upstairs bathroom. It's the same green as Quinton's room. The green showed here is a little yellowish, but it's not that way in person.
Upstairs bath. The door through there is our attic entrance. No stairs for our attic!
Quinton's green room with the carpet
Down the stairs. Looking from the playroom, Easton's room is on the left, the bathroom and Quinton's room is on the right.
Easton's room - he is so excited about the blue!
View through the banister going up the stairs.
Here are the boys with Mr. Dan. He is our foreman. He is AWESOME! Very knowledgeable, friendly, nit picky, perfectionist, and he ALWAYS acts as if he is never bothered by our questions and requests. Working with him has been GREAT!
Outside of the house with the stained front door, fence, and landscaping. It was REALLY bright out, so the house color looks a little funny.
We HAD to stop by the office and see one of the boys favorite people - Miss Janet!
She has a bowl full of candy sitting out, and the boys love visiting her and telling her about their day. She is the heart of the process as the office manager and keeps everyone on their toes. Silly faces!
Our builders - Clark Family Homes
The boys with Mr Kevin, our builder. They love talking to him about what he does!
This is the showroom where you pick out your amenities. Umm, boys - we are NOT building a new house anytime soon, so stop picking out new products!

Who can say that at the end of a building project they still LIKE their builders and staff??? We are blessed that the Lord led us down this path and Clark Family Homes has made this process so nice and pain free!

Ok, I'll stop procrastinating and get back to packing..... T-minus 2 days until the moving truck arrives!


A. Kathleen said...

Denise, this house is soooo beautiful! I cannot wait to see it in person; hopefully soon. How in the world did you ever find such a great crew of people to build it? I know U. Jeff would love the t.v. set up over the fireplace! :-)

A. Kathleen said...

p.s. was your house along the Somerset plan? And I like a solid door too, but how do you see who is at the door if you don't have a peep hole or side window? Just wondering... ;-)

Keri said...

I want to live in this house!! Beautiful Denise!

Shawna said...

OMG! I just now read this post (sorry..i'm a little behind). can i just say AWESOME! It's my dream house! :) I love the colored walls...and the wood floors..and YOUR FRONT DOOR! LOVE IT! :) Can't wait to see it in person..hopefully some day soon! love you!

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