Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Wedding in Paradise

I have been MIA WAY too long on my blog! It has been a VERY busy 6 weeks, we have been traveling a lot. It started with our trip to Florida for my cousin's graduation. Then the next trip was my trip of a LIFETIME to.... Oahu, Hawaii! Yes, poor me :)

I was honored by my oldest friend in the world, Renee, to stand up in her wedding. She lives on Oahu. I was blessed to have enough miles to make the trip. Then I was double blessed that my cousin Jessica went with me. We shared an Waikiki hotel that had a living room and kitchen, and was only 3 blocks from the beach.

I have not uploaded all my pictures yet, nor do I have the time just yet to post all the wonderful details of the trip. However, I was able to edit a few pictures to share with Renee and her family. Here are just a couple of them that I snapped of Renee getting ready. Isn't she the most beautiful bride?!?!

Finishing touches
With her nephew the "Ring Man" and her niece the "Flower Princess"
The girls in the wedding
Steff, me, Heather, Renee, Cheryl and Shelly
I think this is my favorite picture. It is Renee as I always remember Renee. Beautiful inside and out, but even more practical, silly, and her toothbrush is orange :D

I'll be posting more pictures of the wedding and the rest of the trip. Be patient with me, I will get it done!!!

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