Saturday, March 6, 2010

Denise - meet books (again)....

I love to read! I grew up reading books all the time. Before any road trips with my family, I always took out a stack of books from the library. I didn't get car sick, so I would just lay down and read the whole trip! My favorite author growing up was Robin Jones Gunn, and she still is a favorite today.

Three weeks shy of four years ago, this reading frenzy stopped abruptly when our triplets came into our lives. However, the reading urge is still in me. So I decided to start reading more books now, and posting my reviews. It's a way to keep me reading more. You might like what I say, or hate what I say, or not care what I say. It's ok! I'm doing this for me.

Then I also found a company called Book Sneeze. You sign up to be a book review blogger, and in turn they send you a free book to review! How cool is that?

So check out my other book blog called "Momma Reads".

You will find children's books on there, fiction, devotionals, and articles. Probably the only books you won't find are academia, I'll leave that up to my husband. Please feel free to leave a comment, your own review of the book, another book suggestion, or just a hello!

I review for BookSneeze


Jessica said...

hahaha, you should do a comprehensive review on Dan's dissertation! LOL!!!

mom said...

You have inherited your insatiable thirst for reading from your grandpa T. Wish I had too. Keep it up. Jessica's comment is 2 cute. ♥U

A. Kathleen said...

I loved to read too until a 4th grade teacher ridiculed me in front of the class for reading Nancy Drew books. It wasn't until the Frank Peretti books came out (This Present Darkness & sequels) that the Lord healed that memory & I began to love to read again. And to this day, my favorite book to read is a Christian mystery book!

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