Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Homegoing Celebration

In the last couple days I have been trying to decide how to write this next post. If it is this hard for me to write it, I can not IMAGINE what it is like living through it right now!

On Wednesday morning, as she slept, little three year old Bethany decided to dance into heaven and hug Jesus close. Now she is PAIN FREE!

This has been a difficult two years for her family to endure, I know the upcoming days, weeks, and months will be just as hard for them. Please keep them in your prayers. Could you mark a day each month for the rest of the year to pray for them? They have a lot of adjusting to do as a family. Bethany was the youngest of three girls, and her sisters are also having to deal with this loss.

Today they are having a Homegoing Celebration for this little princess. Please pray for the family, and pray for those that don't know Jesus that they will come to him through Bethany's story.

If you want to contribute to the funeral fund (even $1 would help!), or want to know more about her story, please click HERE.

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