Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easton's Turn! 30 Questions....

Easton has been asking when it is his turn, and I’m pleased to tell him TODAY! He doesn’t fully understand why I am doing this, but he just wants it to be his turn. He doesn’t want to be left out. Everything must be even, fair and equal. He gets that from me. Poor kid! It must all be fair!

He is very kind hearted, gentle, organized kid. He says the sweetest things, and worries about you when you are upset. He tries to say and do things that will make you feel better and smile. Easton is an organized child. He likes things to be in a straight line, matched up, and even. He is not a “neat” child, but organized. Toys mess, food mess, things being out of place does not bother him. When he is working on a project or playing with a toy, he wants it to be completed. It has taught us to be a little more patient with him. Things must be “finished” in his mind to continue on. I recall a time when he was only 18 months old and we were heading to nap. I saw it in his head that he was going to disobey to turn around, pick up a ring toy, and place it correctly to “finish” the stack before rushing into his bedroom and comply with his instructions to go to bed. Watching him, Dan and I shake our heads. He is a little Dan, through and through and through!

Easton was born at 3 pounds, 12 ounces. He has loved his food from the beginning. There was a time in the NICU that he had to go NPO (without food by mouth) and he had the saddest, little pout about him, it was pitiful! I still get that lip from him today, but now I can verbally explain that he doesn’t NEED an extra brownie, toast or roll :)

Enjoy our Easton. He truly was honored to sit down and thought through each of his answers!

What is your name? Easton Carl Slater

What name does Daddy call you? Buddy and Squirt

What name does Mommy call you? Easton

What is your favorite color? BLUE

What is your favorite TV show? Diego

What is your favorite movie? I like Jafar (Aladdin - this cracks me up because he has only seen it 1 time)

What is your favorite snack? corn puffs

What is your favorite drink? juice

What is your favorite food? cereal
What is your favorite thing to do outside?
play with balls

What is your favorite to do with Mommy? color

What is your favorite to do with Daddy? mow the lawn and wrestle

What do you think about Jesus? (looks up, deep in thought) Heaven

What do you like about your church class? play with everybody

What is Daddy’s favorite thing? eat chips
What is Mommy’s favorite thing?
give hugs

Are you excited for something? MY BIRTHDAY!

What do you like to do with Dalton? play games

What do you like to do with Quinton? play Trios
What is your favorite toy?
my Trios

What is your favorite game? Memory

What is your favorite? all my shoes

What is your favorite clothes to wear? my short sleeve shirts

What is your favorite pjs? my aligator pj’s

What is your favorite place to go visit? Grammy and Papa

When you grow up, what do you want to be? an Army guy

When you grow up, what kind of car do you want to drive?a blue and red truck

How old do you have to be to drive a car? 8

How old is an adult? 4

Anything else I should know about you? I like all my special stuff


Jessica said...

I just can't help but AWWW at all of them! They are so sweet. :) I wish we lived closer. Reagan said "why do I NEVER get to see Easton and Dalton and Quinton?" lol Love the "eat chips" answer!!

Judy Woodford said...

What a cool tribute to your triplets individually!!!

grammy ♥ said...

Easton is like no other with his compassion and gentle spirit. Created by God and special in the sight of the Lord.

I love the fav place to visit answer, what he wants to be when he grows up & his fav color.

Thanks for sharing the little glimpses into the world of your 3 little guys with 3 very different personalities. Gotta love 'em to pieces. You are a blessed mom; Ps 127:3

Easton looks so spiffy in his new duds

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