Sunday, March 14, 2010


We were made an offer on our Arkansas house.... again.
We accepted this offer on our Arkansas house.... again.
We have started re-looking at homes here in Tennessee... again.

We are hesitantly optimistic, and will be holding our breath until April 14th when it's supposed to close.

Thank you for all that have prayed for our house to sell (twice), and those that have encouraged us when we have been upset about the process. We are praying for the Lord's guidance for a new home and about the whole settling process here in Tennessee.

This latest move has been gone more smoothly than what I remember our last move was like. Not all about the getting settled, church, area. More about the unpacking, the boys getting settled, etc. I found a picture of us in front of the Arkansas house before we moved there. I forgot how little the boys were, and how they were so needy and didn't understand the process! They had just turned One, and we had two crawlers still. Wow, how they have changed from that move until this one!

May 2007
Denise, Dalton, Quinton, Dan & Easton
March 2010


mom said...

Yaay! Everything in God's timing. PTL ♥♥

Nina Bunk said...

they are so cute, i can't believe how big they are!!! congratulations and we will be praying for you guys!

lori bunk said...


ECarter said...

We will pray that all goes smoothly with the sell of your house!

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