Sunday, December 26, 2010

Am I old enough to say "Back in the Day"?

If I'm old enough to say it, Lori is a great friend of mine from "back in the day". We went to Zoe together (yes, I will forever call it that), then college. We have stayed in touch over time. While we don't get to see each other much and talk even less, she is a Forever friend and we LOVE hanging out with the Bunks! They live a few miles from my parents in Michigan, so we try and see them when we are in town.

We even had icing on the cake with our visit, we got to visit with BOTH of Lori's sisters! While Jeni (all cute and preggo) had to head out right away, Keri and her family was able to stay.

The night started out perfectly. So perfect, in fact, that I set aside my camera for most of the night and missed getting pictures of everyone. I decided it was more important to hold little 12 week old snuggly Elijah rather than photograph him. Then he slept so well for his parents so we didn't get to visit with him again. Keri was being the great mom and taking care of breathing treatments, medicines, bottles, sleeping infants, and all that two 9 month old infants entail. So I never got a picture of her either! (or her little cutie Jonathan).

We found out that almost 5 year old boys can play SO WELL together that we even were able to visit, eat, and let them stay up 2 hours past bedtime! It was so enjoyable that we could chat, and that the boys played together with all the guns and ammo until their hearts were full. It was a sad good-bye and my boys have asked to play again with Isaac quite a few times already.

Thank you Bunks so much for having us over during this busy Christmas season! We had fun and wish we could do it more often.

Attempt of #1 of a picture of the kiddos
Not only do the silly faces here crack me up, but I love how Zoey is watching them all!
Even though Dalton is not looking, I had to include this shot. Easton said "I want a picture with just my friend Isaac and not the girls". How cute is that?!
The girls
David all smiles!
Zoey with her "cheese" smile
We made the famous calendar!
Calm down/movie time
yes, they are ALL watching a movie quietly!
The guys chatting
The aftermath
My favorite picture of the night :) This was their favorite spot to plot their attack.

This one is for you, Lori. I know you hated the last minute picture I took, so I left it out and will leave you with this....
"I count myself in nothing else so happy as in a soul rememb'ring my good friends." - William Shakespeare


Keri said...

very cute pictures!

lori bunk said...

such a wonderful night.. thanks for coming over! i am so grateful that our kids got to play together and know each other! love you!!

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