Friday, December 3, 2010

Dalton Funnies

These still make me laugh today, so I thought I would share :)

The other day Dalton walked into my room and saw my computer mouse (it has been packed up).
Dalton: "Mom, when did you get a new Mickey?"
I thought a second
Me: "that's a Mouse, not a Mickey."


Last night a similar funny happened. Just him and I were out shopping for his Christmas presents for his brothers. After we were done, we stopped at another store where he spotted little snowman snow globes with names on them. To his disappointment (and something he and his brothers will deal with his entire life), he did not find his name.

We found a blank one and I told him I could use a Sharpie to put his name on it. After explaining that it's a permanent marker, and no we can't use his dry erase or washable markers, we purchased it and got into the car.

Dalton: "when we get home, can you use the "Prickle on it to write my name?"
Me: "You mean the sharpie?"

When we got home, he told his Dad all about his purchase.
Dalton: "and Mommy is going to put my name on it with a Pokey!"


Here is Dalton's new picture face. As a mom that LOVES good pictures of my kids, it has been an area of frustration lately.

Squished line smile
"Dalton, could you please show some teeth?"


Keri said...

too cute! I love that last picture :)

Shawna said...

LOVE IT! I love the things kids come up with! And cute pics by the way! :)

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