Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Grammy & Papa

We made it to Michigan! We are all excited to see Grammy & Papa. Since we are leaving Michigan right after Christmas, they decided to let the boys open some of their gifts early so they can see them play with them. Also it means they have something to play with at Grammy & Papa's house.

They have been having a blast, here are just a few of the pictures....

Opening LEGOS!
Easton showing Grammy his favorite color blue creation
Daddy "helping" Quinton build
Mommy even built "Papa's Tire Repair Shop" for Quinton's car
Quinton decided he needed to add wings to his car
Dalton hard at work
Papa's train under the tree is a huge hit!
Quinton putting on his gift. Note his shirt. It says "I'd Rather Be In Detroit". Guess who that is from?!?!
Easton and his dress up
Dalton and his dress up
Quinton shooting his webs at me
Grammy should be safe now with all these super heroes to protect her!
Quinton being "Captain Hook" and catching a "good guy".

More fun to come! As I type I am smelling the wonderful famous apple pies that my dad makes :) Happy Christmas Eve Eve :)

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