Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas is HERE!

We are traveling this Christmas, which brought up the gift question that all traveling families have to decide. Do you pack them and bring them with you? Do you open them early, or after you get home?

We decided to open most of them early, and only bring a couple with us. Thursday night was the chosen night. My thought was to allow them Friday while I finish packing to play with their new toys. It did work quite well!

In this picture the boys only know a surprise is going to happen. They don't know exactly what since we didn't tell them. So they are anxiously awaiting while I take a couple quick pictures....
I love this picture of Easton. It's not the biggest smile, but it is HIM and truly his happy eyes. The best part is capturing his unique way of sitting crossed legged. It cracks me up, but he does this often - especially in his car seat :)
Quinton again is showing his newest cheesy picture smile. Such a goof.
Dalton. This has been his picture smile for a while. Do I have a teenage boy on my hands already??? He doesn't like to show teeth anymore :(
It's sad because he has a great smile!
A rare shot with Mommy. I love my boys!
Easton - "This is just like the game at Grammy & Papa's! I LOVE this game!"
Dalton: the game "Trouble" + Star Wars = perfect boy game
Dalton opening another gift with the Transformers wrap that he picked out
Easton carefully trying to keep his John Deere wrapping paper intact (that he picked out)
Goofy Quinton! He pulled the bow off his personalized Toy Story blanket and popped it on his head. Silly boy!
Daddy even got to open a little gift
Quiton has loved his new Melissa & Doug birthday cake! He loves pretend so this gift is right up his ally. It was wrapped in his newest Christmas character he loves - Frosty the Snowman!
My little boys are growing up, they got REAL Legos for the first time. Not the Mega Blox or Duplo, but the REAL ones - foot hurting small pieces kind :) Thanks to my cousin Jessica for their Lego sets - we put them together the next day and they loved them!
It was a great time, had by all. We enjoyed giving them an early Christmas!!!

In a month or two I want to post a toy review of what they liked, didn't like, held up well or broke easily. If I forget, please comment and remind me.

For those of you shaking your heads at me that we actually let them open gifts early - TRY IT! Give your kids one gift early tomorrow and see how fun it is!

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Shawna said...

First of all...CUTE pictures! Looks like the boys had a GREAT time! :) Where did you find that star wars trouble game? I SO want that..for Jordan and Mase. My sister sent the kids wrapped christmas i surprised my kids and put them under the tree and let them open them the other day. I figured they would enjoy them more when it was the only gift to open and i was right..they had a blast and they didn't get lost in the shuffle of all the other gifts. Merry Christmas..have a great time in MI!

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