Sunday, June 20, 2010

Praying for Eli

Friday I logged on to my Facebook and saw an update from a friend of mine back in Springfield.

It made my heart sink. I sat there stunned. I cried.

This little 2 year old cutie was diagnosed Friday with acute lymphocytic leukemia.

Tomorrow he goes into surgery for his port. He also will get another spinal tap and bone marrow testing. In the afternoon he starts his chemo.
Eli in his hospital bed
Brad and Christy attended church with us when we lived in Missouri. They are those uplifting people that just love God, love their family and love life.
Eli (2), Christy, Ellie (5) & Brad
As Christy wrote her update at a Kansas City Children's hospital 3 hours from their home, I am just amazed by her strength. Not only did she communicate how sad she was, but she also pointed back to our Lord and the strength He has given her and Brad.
Eli and his Mommy
They have had to step away from all that was familiar to them in order to get a diagnosis for their son. This includes not being able to be Mom & Dad to their little Ellie. Thankfully they have family that has been able to support them and help with Ellie.
Big sister Ellie, Brad & Eli
"Why do I post this?" You ask?
Please pray for Eli. Pray for his parents. Pray for his sister. Pray for their family. Pray for their doctors.
"I don't know him." That is ok. They would love your prayers anyways!

I asked Christy what are her top needs at this time. She said "Right now there seems to be a million things to pray for, but mostly we are praying for a complete healing of Eli's body, and for us to stay strong as a family. There have already been so many hard issues we have had to deal with in just the past three days, and I know there will be so many more in the days to come. But thankfully through all the prayers we are feeling God's peace. "

Look at this little guy! Such a trooper!

They have hope to go back home in a week and continue on with his treatments there.

If you would like to have your little kids pray for him and send him a drawing (or even send his sister a drawing), their address is:

Brad & Christy Tree
5356 W. Josh St
Springfield, MO 65802

If you want to join the "Praying for Eli" Facebook page for updates and prayer requests, please click HERE.

Thank you,


Flakymn said...

I added myself! When do I get to meet you?

Living Creatively said...

Denise, I saw this on facebook, and it just broke my heart. No little one should have to go through cancer. But we have an awesome Lord, who hears and answers prayers. Eli has been on my mind, and will be in my prayers... as will his Mom, Dad, and sister.
I'll join the page to get updates.

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