Thursday, June 17, 2010

House Update #2

It has been a little over a month since I posted our last house update HERE. Our builders sure work fast! I have barely been able to keep up with photos, nonetheless blog about it. Some of these photos are not the best, they are taken with my phone. This post today will be by far the most photos in a post! I doubt most people will get through them (except the grandparents :D)

5.12 - we came out to find some framing started!
Stairway to where?
Cool new hideout
Resisting the urge...
Plumbing lines in the bathroom
View from the kitchen to Easton's room upstairs
Quinton's room
The playroom
Eason's proud of his "window"
Crazy boys overlooking the entry
Living room, to kitchen, to family room
The fun of being on a building site
all framed out and roofed!
The ceiling in the living room
"let's move this here, brothers"
From this mini crowd we found out that our "house" is
THE after hours place to play for the neighborhood kids
The tubs are in!
Ahhh, the fireplace
"Mom, look! There are BRICKS!"
... the newest fun thing to do at the house. Run up and run down the plank
I shall call this "Dance of the air conditioning"
The electrical is almost done!
Quinton was so thrilled to see the windows installed
They started bricking!
Our house number!
This is today - 6.17. They were mudding out where the stones will be laid.
The boys watched this FOREVER!
Also, the drywall men are working inside. This one told us about his kids, and showed us his grandbaby's picture. He let the boys "help" cut drywall!
Thrilled to help cut more drywall for Dalton's closet

We are excited for this process, and will be thrilled to move in! It has been a fun adventure for all of us to see the building process. Next time I'll try to post pictures more frequently.


Nina Bunk said...

i'm not a grandparent and i made it though all the pics!! it looks so great!! can't wait to se the finished product!

Mary said...

I loved looking at ALL the pictures! Thanks for keeping us all updated on the progress - so exciting!

mom♥ aka grammy♥ said...

Enjoyed all the new pix and looking FW to seeing the brick!!

Thanks for taking the time to do all of this. You are one very amazing mom!! ♥♥♥ xoxo

Jessica said...

oh my gosh, you must be so excited. that house looks like a DREAM house to me. BEAUTIFUL!!

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