Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Typical Day....

Thanks again for the questions from my post Who Goes There? I have enjoyed reading the questions, and hopefully my answers will suffice. Feel free to ask more questions about ANYTHING either on this post, or my Who Goes There? post. I will *try* to answer them all.

The next one I am going to address is from Lori. My friend from Jr High, High School, College, and LIFE! She is a mom, youth pastor, aunt, sister, support to her all her friends and family. She is one of those people that you want praying for you! Her little boy is just a couple months older than my boys. She also has an adorable little girl, and another little one on the way!

Here are Lori's questions:
"1. what was one thing about motherhood you were VERY mistaken about before you had your boys?
2. when will you be in MI next?
3. what does a typical day look like for you and how in the world do you get it all done???"

Easiest questions first (yes, I know I am answering out of order).
2. We will be in Michigan in early August! The exact dates are not figured out yet. We need to get the kids together and hang out! Maybe we can do a park and invite anyone that would want to come! I'll let you know when we nail down the exact dates.

1. My thoughts of having a baby was going to be ON THE GO. I would have a baby, and go-go-go! Go shopping, find deals to sell on ebay, visit friends, parks, travel and visit family. Have baby-will travel. Then I had three. Now, I don't know if it's more of a reality because of having three, or if it really is this way with just one. I could NOT just go. Going anywhere caused hours of planning and prep work. Sometimes it was easier to just stay home than go anywhere. However, I learned I NEEDED that time to get out. When the boys were infants, I had a friend that I would escape to her house. She let me take over with all my stuff. She parented her own kids, and I parented mine. But just being in a different environment with another ADULT to talk to was what I needed!

3. Typical day?? hahaha! Oh, they change all the time depending on what is going on, my mood, the boys mood, etc. Recently I decided to take the boys out of their preschool class, so they are with me 24/7 now. I always knew that they were in a great 2 day a week (3 hrs a day) program in AR, but I never knew how GREAT it was until I don't have it anymore.

Maybe pictures will show it better? I took phone pictures during a few of the past few days while thinking about how to answer Lori's questions.

Here is a GREAT and productive day we had last week....

Quinton's horrible allergy eyes work me up at 7. I was EXCITED! Mind you, my boys normally get up between 6-6:30 am. Immediately off to give him his eye drops. Poor kid inherited my allergies :(

This also made me so excited! I was dressed right away!

Happy and dressed kids at the breakfast table. My Easton buddy.

We got the living room, kitchen and play room all straightened up that morning!

AHHH, nap time. Time to check my email and some favorite blogs....

My pile of 1/2 accomplished laundry from after naptime was over. I HATE HATE HATE folding laundry. I love to clean it all, but HATE to fold it.

Running out to the store with the boys. Dalton showing off his pick for new bedding (we have been looking for 6 months for the right bedding at the right price. I did not end up with this set, I ordered a set this week from JCPenney online, but through the store. I found out if you go to the store and they don't have it, they can order it for you free shipping site to store!)

THAT was a GREAT DAY!!! I felt good, accomplished, refreshed!!!

Now, I try to keep my blog uplifting. I don't want to complain. But I also want to be REAL.

THIS is what the next day yielded....

When I asked the boys to clean up, and thought it was done.... I found this stacked at the bottom of the stairs while they were napping. GRRRRR.

This was my sink the next day. Funny thing happens when you get the entire kitchen cleaned and dishes washed, what happens when you don't get the dishes put away right away. There happens to be NO place for the dirty ones. HOW do we accumulate SO MANY dishes SO FAST???

Lori, I hope that answers your question!!! Let me know if you have any more :)


Mary said...

Loved this! (And poor Quintin!)

Shawna said...

I can relate to your day #2. Those days happen more often than i would like. BUT it's all good. Some day I will miss those days.

lori bunk said...

i loved this post!!!!
thanks so much!

mom♥ said...

Great post. This really only shows a partial "typical" day at the wonderful, loved-filled, fun-filled, adventure-filled Slater home.

Hope Quinton is doing much better.

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