Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Who goes there?

I know I said I will post pictures of the boys birthday party. I will. Sometime this month :)

Dan is home today sick, and the boys are now in bed. I was catching up on some blogs and got to thinking.... WHO GOES THERE?

Who reads my blog? I know some of you that comment, and I totally appreciate it! It makes me feel like I'm not just sitting here talking to myself.

What do you enjoy reading on here? I can try to share more about it. Do you have specific questions for me? About multiples, infertility, my faith, moving around from state to state? For anyone I don't personally know, what brings you to my blog?? How do I know you??

Please, ask away! (I can't promise I will answer them all! ) Also COMMENT so I know you are out there :) You don't even need a Blogger account to comment.

Also, you can follow me, on the right side of the blog. If you do, you'll see when there have been updates made to the blog.

Lastly, I will leave this blog tonight with a random note. I have found three things lately that are awesome!!! First, my cousin's BLOG about deals. Second, Booksneeze for yet ANOTHER book I am getting in the mail. Third, a lady from Alabama's BLOG - I want to be like her! She has the most amazing posts about projects, photography, fonts, etc. She is really neat and I am slowly looking through all her old posts. I did download all her FREE fonts tonight!


lori bunk said...

hi, i am lori.
i was your friend in junior high and high school.
i was your suite-mate in college.
i was a bridesmaid in your wedding.

i read your blog because i miss you and your family SO MUCH and it makes me feel connected to you!!!

i would like to know a few things...

1. what was one thing about motherhood you were VERY mistaken about before you had your boys?
2. when will you be in MI next?
3. what does a typical day look like for you and how in the world do you get it all done???

Mary said...

Hey Denise! It's Mary, I miss you in Arkansas. I read your blog because I am a fan of you and interested in anything you have to say. :) Um ... I totally get the 'will blog for comments' - comments have basically stopped coming on my blog. I have come to a kind of happy place about it, deciding that I blog for myself, but being honest - I LOVE COMMENTS!!!

Keri said...

I love your blog. I know if you can do it with triplets - I can do it with twins :)

I wanna know what your first few months were like with triplets and did you get any sleep?!!

Shawna said...

First of all I met you in college and you were my roomie! Then we both lived in AR--close enough to at least hang out every now and then when our busy schedules allowed and NOW we live in TN...farther than in AR but close enough to hopefully soon get together! :) I love reading your blog to stay connected to you but I also enjoy what you have to say. You are GREAT with words and you always have GREAT things to say! Love you!

Jessica said...

anything you have to say is interesting to me! i am so glad you are finally writing a blog because you give the best advice. I think you should start an advice column type thingy on here :) Anonymous of course for some!! Love you, you are doing an awesome job!!!

Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

Love your owl pic, first of all. :-) Umm...Denise, when did I meet you? I can't remember. Before we officially met, I remember seeing you pull your three little guys in the wagon around Wal-Mart. :-)

I just want to keep up with you, my dear. I love your photography, and it's neat to see into another woman's life with three boys.

Like the "will blog for comments." I know what you mean. Sometimes I just need affirmation that I'm helping, inspiring, or encouraging someone out there.

Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

Oh, it was at FBC PreK, right??

denise said...

Thanks everyone! I will answer you questions in the best possible way in the upcoming weeks. I appreciate you reading my blog, and hope that I can make you laugh with all my parenting blunders :)

Anonymous said...

Denise - Wendy just sent me your blog today. How did I not know before? I miss your 3 little bundles of boy on Wednesday mornings! Please tell them I said, "Hi!"

- Miss Sherrill

Anonymous said...

Oh, & that's where I met you, loving on the boys in my Wed a.m. class!

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