Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Boys Fourth Birthday Party

I'm finally uploading the boy's birthday party pictures. In case you missed it, HERE is where I did a little photo shoot of the boys in downtown Medina the other week.

We had a fun birthday party! Grammy & Papa were able to come from Michigan, and Grandpa, Grandma, Maria & Christian drove from Missouri. Even Miss Nancee from church was able to come! (I regrettably did not get a photo of the boys with her). Most of their favorite people were under one roof, and they were excited! (They did ask about some of their AR and MO friends throughout the day, however.)

They asked for 3 round birthday cakes that went along with the Disney Cars theme. Thank goodness a friend told me about a lady on ebay that I purchased the edible toppers from. They could each have their own cake, that had a unique look to them!

The boys have always believed that party hats and party blowers are a "must have" at any party. After checking all party stores, apparently there is either a run on Disney Cars party hats, or they have not made them. Thanks to a suggestion from a friend, I got some crowns from a fast food place, painted and stickered them.IMG_5313

Their present from Grammy & Papa. They were not sure what the box was, but they sure understand and love playing it now!


Quinton showing off his present from Grandpa & Grandma


Playing with their Notblox


Squirt Guns from Josh & Cameo (which of course Grandpa snuck off with Easton to secretly try out in the bathtub - Easton can't keep secrets!!!)


My parents, Grammy & Papa watching the action. Aren't they great to fly all they way from Michigan for the boys party???


Seriously, this is not a set up picture. This is Quinton after opening his presents from my cousin Jessica. He said "I love it, I love, it" and gave it hugs and kisses. It's a Dora Wii game. He loves Dora :)


All gifts came to a stand still when they opened them from my brother Gary & Tammy. They had to take a ColorWonder break!


Now, time for their birthday scavenger hunt from Mommy & Daddy! I took pictures of all different places that are at the boys viewing level. I put them on a sheet of paper with their initial on it. That way each location had three clues for each of the boys to open. It brought them as a group from place to place around the house. All leading up to.....


Then it was cake time!


Easton and his Dinaco cake


Dalton and his cake Lightening McQueen cake


Quinton and his Mater cake


Then it was time for some SERIOUS Wii time with Daddy, Grandpa & Uncle Christian...

It certainly was a great birthday!

Our family of five, with our three- four year old boys :)


Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

I can't see most of the pictures...?? Hopefully it's a glitch on this end. I'll check back later.
New bikes sound awesome!!!

Mary said...

Sooooo much fun!!

denise said...

Sorry Wendy! I think I got it fixed now.... :)

grammy ♥♥♥ said...

grammy and papa had a blast. Easton, Dalton & Quinton are such a joy to us & we sure enjoyed celebrating their 4th BD in TN. Wish you lived closer so we can see them more than twice/year. We all had fun with the Wii. Thanks for posting all the cute pictures. xo xo xo

Jessica said...

awww, precious! I love the Quinton hugging Dora pic. :) I'm glad they like it.

Shawna said...

So CUTE! It looks like they had a GREAT birthday! I can't believe they are 4 already. that is just CRAZY! WOW! Happy birthday boys!

Nina Bunk said...

i love that u have a blog now!!! u did such a great job with their birthday!

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