Monday, April 5, 2010

Good-bye & Hello!

I have quite a few pictures to post from the boys 4th birthday party. They had a blast having their grandparents from both side and one of their aunts and uncles come visit! I will post more about that later when I can upload them all.

I just wanted to do a quick post to first THANK YOU for praying about the sale of our Arkansas house. About a week and a half ago we heard from our realtor that they wanted to move the closing up! We were thrilled to hear this. This past Friday at 2pm our house closed. It was a great home, and we were blessed to have it for the last 3 years! Good-bye to the last Arkansas owned item. It's bittersweet. Two of our boys learned to walk there, celebrated two birthdays there, had friends over there, went from bottles and pacis to big boy beds!

Today we signed for a builder in the area to complete a home in one of his subdivisions. We have been searching around since before we moved for the appropriate place to live. We chose a smaller town that really is growing and has really well rated schools. Since it's growing so fast, most homes for sale are either old farm houses, or newer homes that are only 3-5 years old. We decided to go with a home in a newer subdivision that is currently being built. We picked one of his house plans and are on our way! We now will have a house built on this land (at the right side of the cul-de-sac, between two homes that are already built)....

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Jessica said...

soooo exciting! Which sub did you go with? Can't wait to hear about the progress and see pics of your new house. :) Even more than that, can't wait to visit!!

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