Friday, April 30, 2010


Here is a random fact about me. I can be easily sidetracked. The other day I was looking up an item on Amazon that we needed. I don't always buy from Amazon, but I like to read reviews. I will buy from there if I can because I can get 2 day free shipping on most items since I have a Prime family, and I don't have to pay sales tax!

Anyways... that is NOT what I was going to share. (I mentioned I'm easily distracted, right??)

I noticed a little button on there to "Add to Wish List". So I made one HERE! It has been funny over the weeks to see what catches my eye to add to my list. I don't know what my Wish List is for, or if it will ever be used. My thought is when I earn a little "mad money" and then forget what I was wanting, I can look at my list :)

The best part? You can prioritize the items from Highest to Lowest! Things that are fun, or you would LOVE to have!

The hardest part??? Not putting something on the list that is for my family! Just something for ME. It's harder than you think!

So HERE is my Amazon Wish List. What is on your "Wish List" (Amazon or not)???

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Mama Rickett said...

Use your wish list for family. For Christmas last year, when Robert's mom asked us what we wanted, we just made an Amazon wish list and put things on there for all three of us. It worked out great, cuz it was easy for them to buy for us, and we got gifts we really wanted!

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